O.C. Uni Ride Huntington Beach Pier

We will have two dates and times for a uni-ride starting from the H.B. Pier.
Friday Sept 19 at 8:30 p.m. and Sun Sept 21 at 8:30 a.m.
Come and join us on the dedicated bike path.

I might join you for the sunday ride, what kinda of riding are you going to be doing?

i can try and make it for sunday

How far do you plan to ride? If mostly 36er’s I would hope at least 20 miles.:slight_smile: And do you have the actual route planned out?

HEY! I’d love to come! I will be in the area by then! I should hit at least one of them…

I love riding up PCH from Irvine to get to Huntington Beach. I might even bring friend(s) if I can :slight_smile:

Chuck, if you ride at mortal man speed, I might ride down there with you!

I plan to come Sunday, from San Fenando Valley.
I now have a 36er in the collection.
What wheel sizes are you riding?
I see how long I can keep up. I seem to need to stop every mile to rest the saddle soreness.
Mark :slight_smile:

I’d still like to know how far you guys are planning to ride. I’m up for 50+ miles if you are.:smiley: But I’m pretty sure that the Huntington Beach bike path doesn’t stretch for nearly that far! :frowning: The Torrance to malibu path goes 22.4 miles each way and is the best in SoCal!

I agree, we need to know how far it is. Although I did get a PM from the person setting it up saying that they will go from the HB pier to the Bolsa Chica wetlands, which appears to be only 7 miles away. Not a very far ride, but a good one for the 26"-29" range. Maybe a few people in the ride would be willing to double that distance and go to the Long Beach/Belmont pier?

Every mile?? What kind of saddle do you have?

Well, I may just do the 46 miles starting at Torrance beach, (concurrent with you guys) which passes through Redondo, Hermosa, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica and on into Malibu and back. Simply a glorious 36er adventure! This way we can kinda get a “Unis across Amercia” thing going…just on a smaller scale, lol.

I have tried many saddles: Sun, viscount,KH FF … Now I use a KH gel saddle which seems like the best shape. But not working for long distance. Seems I would benefit from a cut in the foam/gel down the middle as that is where the discomfort is, but not ready to cut as this seat has a gel area right where I would cut.
Also I will try some different cycle shorts tomorrow.

Terry (MuniAddict) has a KH FF that he modded for his 36 and it’s the most comfortable sadle I’ve ever felt. I think he’s got some videos about it and how he modded it. I would highly recommend trying that if your saddle soreness is that bad.

Even the standard fusion free ride is comfy, but the center channel is not as effective with the regular vinyl cover, as it stretches as you sit and closes it off. So I fiddled around with some mods and this is what I came up with; it works great, and it’s easy to make. :slight_smile:

 [B]<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cJQ4j5KOis">UniGeezer: "Unitorial 4"  (36er seat mod)</a>[/B]

Since I live right here in HB I guess I should try and make it to at least one of the rides. First I have to put my coker together. I haven’t touched it since Ride The Lobster…

Anyone need any button tires for there 36" uni? Let me know and I can bring them. Only $65 each!! :slight_smile:

O.C. Ride Answers

I personally ride a 29er but others will bring a 36er. The ride is approximately 15 miles around trip but I am willing to go as far as Belmont Shores in Long Beach, which should be 30 miles. I have hokey lights on my spokes for night riding and a LCD head-band so I can see the pot holes before I fall. Look forward to all who plan on riding which is estimated at 8 riders

If I had anything bigger than a 26" I’d love to go, but sadly I don’t. :frowning:

that is this weekend right?

Yeah, Tyler, it’s this weekend.

So who is going? I might go on Sunday with my 26" and try to keep up. I’ve done 15 miles before and I can do it again. But if anyone has a bigger wheel they’d be willing to lend out for a few hours, I would be forever grateful. Hope to see you all there!

I’m going Sunday only. Partly to get my new nightrider tire I ordered from Jamey. I’m meeting with him a little earlier than the start time so I can put in on.