NZUni weekend Oct 25-27th

Looks like i will be taking my car down, i think i will be able to stay with some friends down there so that should be all good, i also have the problem of finding where to go.

Hell yes im looking forward to it!

(i have my dress all sorted too) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys,

The unicycle weekend registration is at 8-10am at Wgtn High School, W8 Gym on Sat 25th Oct. Wgtn High is off Taranaki Street (next to Massey University), and just up the road from Courtney Place. If you want a place to stay I have plenty of room as long as you have a sleeping bag. All I ask is a donation to OXFAM as part of the fundrasing I’m doing for my charity ride next year (Vietnam to Cambodia on a unicycle)

If you want a T-shirt also: this will look really cool with a full colour pic on the front. Let me know you want one and your size and I’ll print them off on Wednesday. Otherwise you’ll have to wait till after the event for me to do another print run.

Rowan, I’ve just sent you an email with all the details and also a pic of the NZ uni logo which will be on the front of the t-shirt. If you guys have any questions do get in touch with me. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you there!




Could you please post a picture of the logo here in this thread? Sorry I’ll miss the muni weekend. You and all the other New Zealanders are welcome to our Weekend of Australian Muni. It’ll probably be early next year…we haven’t sorted that out yet. Since I’ll be doing most of the organising, have you got any advice for first-time muni weekend organisers like myself?


Thanks for the accommodation offer Ken. Me and Ben haven’t sussed out a place to crash yet, so we are likely to take you up on your kind offer, but we can go to a backpackers or something otherwise. I’ve got a sleeping bag, and Unicycling from Vietnam to Cambodia is a pretty good cause for us to support. I might be keen for a T-shirt, can you do black? I’d go for medium or large. The last medium shirts I got were pre-shrunk without warning, making them seem small, and I prefer them a bit looser. I’m looking forwards to doing some Smelly-welly MUni rides. I haven’t done much riding in ages!
The Logo Ken sent (which I resized) :

nzuni weekend logo.jpg

Thanks Andrew,

Yes I am interested, but I’m quite full up next year with my Vietnam to Cambodia unicycle ride for charity and also Unicon and also a few other NZ events. I’ll look into it once I’ve sorted my NZ Uni weekend.

I don’t have much advise as to organising this sort of event. The NZUni weekend is the first I’ve organised so I’m stressing out this week. One thing I recommend is having a deadline for entries and charge a late entry fee to get as many people to sign up early. That way you have an idea of how many people are coming :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!


Rowan, you’re welcome to stay with me. My address and phone number is on the word.doc that I sent you. When will you arrive?

If you’re unsure of size go to Hallensteins and try one on- I actually take a kiddy size 14 so you may want a medium unless you are a really big guy. I can’t do it in black as it costs more to print on black (something about needing different screens) and it would stuff up the background. But the blue I’ve got printed should pretty cool! I need to know by tomorrow though.

I’ll settle for blue-medium then I guess. I used to always go for large but it is overkill since I’m not very big. I got the word doc and printed out a copy for me and Ben. He reckons Shane is coming down with us with his BICYCLE.
I’ve been doing work experience on a construction site. I had fun demolishing some walls today with a sledge hammer. I can finish early on Friday, since I am not getting paid. I don’t know exactly when we will depart, maybe one, two or three pm, perhaps arriving at about 7-9pm (it’s about five hours drive isn’t it?). I’ll pay the fee for late entry, I couldn’t be bothered filling in the form, but I can fill one out on Friday if it’s not too late.

Thanks Ken, I really hope everything works out for you and the Muni Weekend.

Have fun!

Rowan, there is no late entry fee which is part of the problem- I’m not exactly sure how many are turning up. I know of at least 10 confirmed though, and I’ve put an announcement on the local radio station to try and get some people to come and spectate.

OK, I’ll get you a medium blue -shirt. Does Ben and James want one as well?

Also like I said, bicyclists are most welcome as long as they pop a wheelie :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t think Ben can afford one. I just asked James, and James says he’s too poor. He reckons he is so poor that he’s not going to make it to Wellington at all. I am not very surprised by this announcement, but it is still a bit disappointing. We were hoping James could help us bring some stuff down, and I was talking to Ben’s brother Matt today and he showed some interest in coming down. I don’t think we will be able to fit four people, three unicycles, one bike and some gear all in Ben’s car, unless we were to install a roof rack. If something were to happen and Ben wasn’t able to drive down (I hope he’s got his warrant), I would have to hitch hike, but I hope it won’t come to that. Not long now till Friday!!!


Egad, don’t say that!

You may be able to get a ride down perhaps with some of the Auckland chaps perhaps? Would it be easier to get to somewhere where they can pick you up?

Let me know how you get on. My phone is connected now but you won’t be able to get me tomorrow as I’m working all day (8am-11pm). Feel free to ring me at work though.


p/s more details about the NZ Uni weekend including the full updated programme is available on NZ (Thanks guys!);News;JVilleCyclesNZUniweekend

Hope to see you all there!


What I meant was I’d find a way down even if it meant hitching, whats wrong with hitch-hiking? Anyway, Shane has decided against coming, he would have felt out of place riding two wheels, and it wasn’t going to fit too easily in the car. That leaves room for Matt in case he is still interested and if he can get off work in the weekend (probably not but it’s worth a try). Ben’s car is booked in for a tune up and a warrant on Friday morning. We are still all set to go Friday afternoon, so there shouldn’t be any hitching needed. We won’t need to bother the Auckland chaps, they have to travel pretty far anyway. Guess we’ll be seeing you on Friday evening, or else I’ll keep you posted if there’s any change of plans.