NZUni weekend Oct 25-27th

The New Zealand Unicycle weekend is scheduled for October 25-27th 2003. Come and join us for a weekend of fun and games and also some of the best MUni riding within just minutes of the city.

It is held in Wellington New Zealand. Further registration information available on

Coming from further afield? Why not do the Aussie Uninats Oct 4-6, then hop across the Tasman and join us for the Day/Night thriller 12hr Mountainbike race on Oct 11th and then stay for the NZUni weekend?

Hope to see some international riders there!

Ken Looi

Already asked the boss for the weekend off :smiley:

Cool James- that was a quick reply to the post- where are you based?

Im in new plymout, new zealand, north island.

we where thinking about dressing rowan up as a little girl so we can get in as a family :smiley:

I can’t make it this year as I’ve got school and a severe lack of money, but if I take a year’s break before going to university I’ll definately do the whole UniNats, 12hr, NZUni weekend thing. Have fun guys, please take lots of photos.


I should be able to make it down. Sounds good Ken. Hopefully finances and travel arrangements will allow me to come. It would be cool to meet some other NZ Unicyclists, and theres plenty of time to plan for arrangements. James might be going to dress himself up as a girl, but I doubt he will get in as a family since me and Ben will avoid him if he’s crossdressing.

<~James in fancy dress

If not for a weird inner ear condition that prevents me from crossing the equator, I’d be there too. Have fun all, sounds great. It’s the same one that keeps me east of the Mississippi.

And by the way, and I mean this as a genuine, and hopefully not genuinely stupid, question. I’m not aware of any women unicyclists from Australia or New Zealand who post here; how many women riders do you know of there?

Ok, and I’m not counting crossdressers!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

There seems to be four women registered for New Zealand in the Unicyclist Roster. I know of a few girls who are keen to learn, and I have heard of one local female rider who I have not met. They do exist but I haven’t seen any New Zealand women posting in RSU. Maybe since has been introduced, there could be more women Unicyclists learning since it has made better equipment available for NZers.

There’s someone (I think Lauren’s her name) who has made a couple of posts as ‘lozza’. There are three female unicyclists here in Brisbane that I know of.


If someone wants to put up the money for the operation i could become a female unicyclist :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously the only female unicyclist i know is an exgirlfriend of mind, while i was going out with her i didn’t ride. Recently i have got back in contact with her and she sounds keen to come out riding with us.

I realy don’t understand why more females don’t unicycle. Its a sport that is more of less designed for the female body, they don’t have the same…um…gear to get in the way as us guys.

I just wish i was like ben (my flatmate) and had a girlfrend who wanted to lurn. :frowning: oh well maybe next time…

My Girlfriend Shelley has roster herself on the Australian Unicycling roster list. She reads this site now and then. She’s due to move into my home to live with me. I’m with Andrew as I’m lack of money now, I love to go to New Zealand. When I do one day,
I’ll be there for a nice Holiday- hope so. I want to go to Brisbane some later in the year but it’s depends on my situation at the moment. Sounds nice Ken, but I’ll see one day into the future.


I’ll be there with bells on!

C U in Wellie!

Hope to see you all there :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you guys are prepared to come in female clothing I’m sure I can be flexible with the registration fee- no surgery will be necessary.

right thats it im dressing up like a woman!

Are helmets going to be required to participate? I probably won’t compete anyway regardless of whether or not they are compulsory. At least if someone hurts themselves, Ken should be able to fix them up with brain surgery on the spot if he brings a scalpel and some bandages.

Are you a Morris Dancer Tony? It will be interesting to see if you really arrive with bells on, and if so, where you attach them (maybe it will be a bicycle bell mounted under the seat).

Helmets would be strongly encouraged but not compulsory as per the NZ law. (Unicycles are not classified as bikes).
My advice- do not rely on ACC and I am not a brain surgeon. For the MUni rides and trials ride I would prefer if you would wear a helmet.

But I imagine a lot of the juggling crowd who turn up will not have helmets.

Prehaps they could juggle helmets…

Dam im clever :sunglasses:

How can the Jugglers juggle helmets that they will not have?

Rowan, James and Ben,

How are you boyz looking for the NZUni weekend? Have you got accomodation and transport sorted?

Sorry, to post on a public forum, I don’t have James email and Rowan’s has vanished off my hotmail account.


We will be looking with our eyes, perhaps on a map for Burgess Road. I asked Ben tonight if he is taking his car, and he said yes, so I am assuming there will be a ride for me down there. I think James will take his car if he is going. As for accomodation, I haven’t given it a thought yet, I guess something will happen in due course. I will start saving some money soon hopefully, it’s only a couple of weekends away.

I don’t mind you asking on the public forum. My email is my name, I hate using hotmail, but you are more likely to catch my attention here more quickly than in email, because I don’t check email too often. I can talk to Ben and James for you to see what their plans are (if they don’t reply to this post soon).