NZUni weekend highlights (new NZ records)

Another successfull NZUni weekend took place over the last few days and there was a lot of fun had by the few dozen unicyclists who attended. A full write up will probably turn up once people have had a chance to catch up on the many hours of missed sleep.

Here are a few of my personal highlights and observations:

  • Watching Joe Dyson and Peter Van Boekhout battle for first place in high jump. This was a very nice change from it being a battle between Tony and myself. Joe and Peter both used the forward rolling hop technique and Joe set a new NZ record with 80cm.

  • Peter VB won the long jump with a very impressive 2.45cm, blasting the old record out of the water by 47cm. The level of ability in both high and long jump was much higher than in previous years, in part due to the increasing popularity of trials riding in NZ.

  • Going on a trials ride with more than 20 riders. This was by far the largest group I have ever been trials riding with. All levels of ability were represented and Wellington boasts enough variety that everyone could find something to challenge their ability. My personal favourite was a sequence of 6 park benches, all in a row and all about 1 metre apart. It took me the best part of half an hour to nail getting on the first one, along all of them and off the last one. Around me people were going much bigger but I felt very satisfied.

  • Seeing more females getting involved. NZ unicycling has been male dominated for a while and it is nice to see a growing number of female riders who are as keen and in many cases gutsier than the guys.

  • Finding out that my age (aka experience) and extra weight do actually help occasionally rather than hinder. I can still take anybody down in unicycle sumo :slight_smile: (Even if my clothes don’t survive the experience very well).

  • Watching people pick up new high level skills in just one weekend. I saw people learning all kinds of stuff on the BC wheel, pulling off seat drag in back, unispins, new mounts and a ton of other freestyle stuff.

I’m looking forward to seeing just how much everyone improves over the next year.


It was fantastic to see the number of relatively new riders who came along and took part in everything. The next generation of NZ unicyclists are really pushing their boundaries and picking up skills fast. Several riders have developed to world class level in just the last year and there are plenty more well on their way.

Big thanks to Joe for organising an awesome weekend (and letting me sleep on his floor). Yeah it was a great weekend. I was stoked with the long jump - really didnt expect that…
Yesterdays muni ride up Makara peak was awesome too - it was raining hard and very muddy - lots of fun! By the end everyone was soaking wet and brown with mud…it was awesome though. Well im gonna go have some bacon and eggs (reminds me of last year haha). Might write more later.

A good weekend it was indeed, thanks to all who came along, having everyone there and seeing all the new up & coming riders in NZ made organisation all worthwhile.

Cheers to Pete VB for making me push myself to new levels, it’s awesome to have someone at a really similar skill level to be competing with. Congrats on equalling last year’s long jump world record too, dude.

Thanks to Tony & Peter from UDC for supplying us with spot prizes, and for helping out with level testing and for leading some of the events.

Let’s hope to make next year’s weekend even better than this year, and bring our riders skills up to even greater levels.

A Few Of My Highlights

Competing intensely with Pete VB, with him and I respectively taking out the High Jump and Long Jump records.

The multiple hours of urban trials riding, and seeing some pretty sick lines and moves pulled off during those rides.

Having so many unicyclists terrorising Wellington, I hope we have a decent group photo of that!

Bending my profiles after rolling hopping a huge 9 stair set with Pete VB.

Totally destroying yet another piece of my unicycle (farewell to my handle).


Managing my first ever rolling hop onto a high pole, followed by a gap to another pole :smiley:

The awesome “Defect Commentary and Analysis” completed over 4 or 5 hours by Pete VB, Myself, Pete M and Saz…it was hilarious.

The Not-So Highlights

Being so damned sore from riding so much!

The Weather on Monday :frowning:

Landing a 180 down a 6 stair with no feet on the pedals (much to the dismay of my groin)

Sounds like it was really fun. If I didn’t have committments at the Australian Bike Show that weekend I would have come along. Next year maybe. Congratulations Peter, that’s an enormous long jump! What’s the current world record? It wasn’t long ago that it was 2.45m!


I believe the current world record is 2.60 metres, set by Moritz Hahn at the German championships in June.

Now I dont’ have bacon and eggs to tend to I’ll write more abou the weekend.
Yeah I agree with all Peter and Joe’s comments. For me it was cool to [I]finally[I] meet Peter Bier after hearing so much about him and meeting all the other new unicyclists, like the crazy back-flipping Tim for Christchurch. I was surprised at how good a lot of the newer riders were after not so long, it was awesome to see.
I also really enjoyed learing the BC wheel! Definatley going to have to get one now. And finally riding a giraffe after so long of wanting too! Thanks rowan for bringing it.

Yeah I always improve my riding HEAPS whenever I ride with you and Tony and all the other good riders. But yeah especially you always making me do crazy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you were pulling off some mad hops, that 80cm was very nice.

I love Wellington trials! Its so good, yeah some very awesome lines, still so much to be explored I reckon, for me at least. But yeah I’ll try get up there again soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bending your profiles was a highlight? :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah that was an awesome 9 set! (I bent my KH cranks too - but not too bad).

hehe yeah. Our first viewing of it was on a 100" projector screen! That was awesome - then the 10 or so other times we watched in the next day or two.

hehehe im still laughing about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoulda come muni riding then! hehe it was awesome weather for that - I dont’ think my clothes will ever look the same colour from all the mud.

hehehehehehehehehe - that was funny. Will look good on camer though! :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm I think thats all I have to say - for now at least, I’ll probably think of something else later but oh well. Overall and awesome weekend!

Wow that is so cool you guys had your Muni weekend only a week after ours here in California. Sounds like a fantastic time. Where are the photos!


Here are some of photos from the Weekend. (a few more to come soon)…
If you want any in high res (6MP) just ask :slight_smile:

You caught me with my seat down chris! :open_mouth:

It was a great weekend. Lots of firsts for me… First high jump, long jump, muni, seat drag etc.

Most memorable event for me was turning a corner in a seat drag to the back and riding the bc wheel down the slope.
It was also great to see what Joe and Pete could do. That was amazing O.o
The muni in the mud was awesome. My clothes came out clean, my leg guards on the other hand…

If only I wasn’t so sleepy!
The weekend was awesome- good to see so many new up and coming unicyclists, and the huge leaps in skill levels if riders that attended last years NZUNI weekend.

Thanks to Joe and Pete for organising it.


Yup, a cool weekend and now even further behind with assignments but ohwell. Defect is the bomb, so many tricks I NEED to learn!!

It was a bit crap to have my knee get wasted on the first day, I’d been hoping to get around the 65-70cm mark in the high jump but ended up with a lowly 45cm.

Pete VB is so funny to film, he’s got crazy amounts of commitment with everything he does so I’m sure he’ll end up with a section that rivals Kevin McMullins in Defect!

I wonder if it’s possible for the IUF to phase in some sort of “Trials World Ranking” thingee? I think it’d be quite cool to have some sort of top 100 riders list similar to other sports…

Like everyone else has said, the Joe vs Pete in high jump and long jumps were cool (except for that I taped over Pete’s final failed attempt which was impossibly close to making 2.5m). I really felt like they could’ve gone on, to hit world records with a little more luck on the day.

Basically, Wellington is the best place in the world for trials and street unicycling and therefore anybody who is at all interested in improving should buy or rent a house here:
Pete VB
Tony Melton
Ryan Atkins
Kris Holm
Alex Toms
Xaviar Collos
Jeff Groves
Joey Cohn
Andrew Carter
Ben Plotkin-Swing
Jerad Glatt
Zack Baldwin
Kevin McMullin
Sabin Arditty
Dan Heaton
Justin Kohse
Luke Hilderbraat (sp?)
Brian Lundgren
Shaun Johanneson
Mike Clark
… It’d make for a good “monday ride” if you all lived in the same City!

You gotta admit though, after watching Defect it’s hard to believe you wouldn’t be able to get enough sponsors interested to put on some sort of world tour where you just get rich doing demos, competitions, TV appearances and making videos.

Thanks to everyone who came to the NZUni Weekend, keep riding!


A few highlights for me were:

  • Pinch flatting twice in less than half an hour on the first trials ride.
  • Rowan Chivers eating a pistachio nut, complete with shell.
  • Plunging down the super steep rocky short cut tracks at the end of the Hawkins Hill muni ride. Easily the most technical tracks I’ve ridden in ages - exposed rock, deep ruts and loose rocks made for a great challenge.
  • Ben asking ‘What’s a gorse?’
  • Ben feeding us steeplejack on the Makara Peak muni ride - tasty bush tucker.
  • Zuleika’s muni dismount to bumslide
  • Trying the ‘kick off the wall’ mount and getting it first try, then doing the suicide version and getting that first try.
  • Working out some new unispin and crank-mount variants with Ben at Makara
  • descending the Ridgeline track at Makara
  • Joe’s very impressive rolling hop to vertical pole and gap to another pole.
  • and of course, Pete VB’s massive 2.45m long jump.

A very enjoyable weekend, well worth the 1380km round trip distance. Roll on the next NZUNi event - maybe a Nelson or Taranaki Muni weekend?

Hey Icekayak, nice photos! Who are you? Umm, actually I think I know who you are (the guy with the nice digital camera) but I’m so bad with names…
Woah, look at how cool I am, I was obviously showing off in the high jump with 1-footers n sh*t :stuck_out_tongue:
hehe, AND i climbed a tree…
I managed my 1st, 2nd and 3rd ever 360 jump mounts… and I got slightly acquanted with the hopefully soon to be mine 2005 KH20!

lowlights from the weekend: a shame we didn’t do any big group photos, especially when we had so many of us out on the urban ride!

Yeah, that was so much fun :stuck_out_tongue: you missed some of the best ones though! I was doing them all through the ride. Which one were you thinking of :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, next weekend we will have to get a group photo. It was a bit sad, I kept forgetting to bring my camera. Ah well, Good thing Chris got some great pics!

Yeah bumslide is a tricky skill only to be attempted on muddy, rainy muni rides! I was thinking of the one you did on Missing Link.

I’ve got some photos that I’ll upload to a gallery soon - right now they’re still on my camera. I’m looking forward to seeing Pete66’s footage from the weekend - how about a short edited NZUNi highlights movie, Pete? Tha’ would be cool.

Another highlight from the weekend - riding Ken’s Schlumpf in the dark with a chronically short seatpost and bike seat. I found freemounting in 43.5" mode very challenging, so I leant on a parked van to mount. The trick to riding it is to think big - imagine you’re on a Coker rather than a 29er. The schlumpf sure is fast when you wind it up.

Haha, I don’t remember that one, but I did so many they all seem the same to me :stuck_out_tongue:

A highlights clip would be awesome!

Hey Pete66, I’m Chris… It was my little bro that had the camera for a lot of the weekend though… (Canon 300D SLR). I was the one who helped you climb the tree and passed your camera up to you :slight_smile:

I’ve put a couple of random photos and videos in an album on the gallery, so have a look. i’ll probably add a few more to that over the next few days :slight_smile:

Personal High-lights

*Having 7 riders attend from Taranaki instead of the usual two.

*Watching Peter Bier coasting across the hall.

*Catching up with old friends and meeting new unicyclists.

*Staying with someone who has the same number of wheels as me and the same name.

*Going past the turnoff for the Hawkin’s hill track for the third year in a row, making the slow people catch up, and when they reach the top of the big hill then telling them to go back down.

*Having all unicycle races cancelled due to a few drops of moisture?

*Arriving back from the non existent races to find everyone has left for the Makara peak muni ride without me, getting annoyed for a while before riding into town, catching a bus, and ambushing the escaped riders somewhere on Makara peak with the help of some two wheeled people, reunited with the group in time for some mud!