NZUNI Weekend 2004

Ah well, another NZ Unicycle Weekend over. Can’t be bothered writing anything, so you’ll just have to look at the photos instead:

NZUNI weekend pics

Munimanpete impressed everyone with his awesome riding (he’ll be kicking ass next year), Tony Melton once again showed why he’s NZ’s best trials unicyclist, and (ahem), I’m still the fastest MUnicyclist :smiley:


Just got home. Eating bacon & eggs currently…
Im absolutley buggered. Also can’t be bothered writing much, but I can say it was an AWESOME weekend. Thanks heaps Ken, Joe and Pete for organising it. and Pete for letting me stay at your place.

Tony can’t keep his wheel on the ground

tony melton gets airborne2.jpg

I bumped into Ben and Rowan getting petrol and heading up to the Naki. They looked like they’d been having far too much fun. Well, okay, they looked knackered and broken, but that always seems to follow from the fun part.

I am seriously jealous that I couldn’t make it, but I do now have a design for our house-to-be. Ah, next year…

I made the home page of the Wellington newspaper, The Dominion Post, also with my wheel off the ground.

Thanks for organising another great event, Ken.

Here’s the direct dominion post link.,2106,0a6479,00.html

Yep, Tony, you’d make a good poster boy:
Tony’s article


Here are a few of the things which were highlights for me at the NZUNi weekend:

Riding Steve Pavarno’s unicycle with an offcentre hub - a very strange sensation. Then trying to ride my standard unicycle and falling off immediately.

Joe and I jumping over a prostrate Ken Looi repeatedly for the Dominion Post photographer.

Joe one-foot riding along a ledge inches from the edge of a 3m drop into the harbour.

Malcolm Todd passing levels 2, 3 and 4 in half an hour.

A mass crash-start to the 800m race.

Sunday Muni ride - Being blown up Wright’s Hill by powerful winds. Also being blown around by crosswinds so strong you had to lean nearly 45 degrees into them just to stay on your uni. There was so much mist and fog on this ride I found that I could see better without my glasses than with them on. This was the first time I’d ridden a uni for any length of time without specs. Even more interesting was riding Rowan’s Nimbus 29er with short (127mm) cranks offroad in the wind and fog with no glasses!

More performing for the photographer - doing seat out hops off a hillside bench at Makara Peak and falling off into the gorse repeatedly. The photographer saying: “it doesn’t matter if you fall off, the photo will be good!” He was right in that he got a good shot (above) but after rolling in the gorse four times I felt punctured enough to be a voodoo doll. I’ll be extracting the prickles for the next few weeks…

Witnessing Munimanpete’s amazing and long- and high-jumping technique.

Ken’s novel navigation techniques. :wink:

Riding down the infamous Vertigo track again, a little muddier and more slippery than last year. Being pitched off on a double switchback which sent me flying off the track, ending up several metres below the track. Munimanpete nailing all the hard sections.

Jumping over Pete66 who was lying on the third step of a 6-stair.

Seeing Joe’s amazing equipment-destroying ability. Joe managed to bend a KH crank on a ‘small’ 5 footer to flat, then proceeded to tear his KH saddle in half in the high jump. Destruction! Carnage!

Driving 700km in each direction to do all of this!

I’m sure there was more cool stuff that i’ve forgotten - please add your own…


Yeah my mum bought a copy of the Dominion Post today incase there was something in it. And there was, nice big pic of Tony pulling his monkey face :smiley:
Wasn’t anything in the Nelson Mail today, but hopefully tommorow, I keep you posted.
Now that I have slightly regained some energy I say my highlights:

  • Actually getting to fly somewhere for unicycling and be around more then 2 other unicyclists!
  • Meeting everyone. Everyone was really cool and friendly.
  • Definatley riding Steve’s off center wheel, then backwards :wink: then almost forgetting how to ride a normal uni.
  • Riding all the different shape, size and style unicycles.
  • The awesome natural trials in Welly, those rocks rocked!
  • Doing so well in the competitons, much to my own surprise.
  • Winning a copy of UNiVERsE (has anyone else noticed on the back cover it says: photos by John Foss [no C])
  • The first MUni ride with the fog and wind (Tony’s gone over it) then the steep rocky decend at the end
  • The awesome Makera Peak Muni trails. Especially Vertigo!
  • Sitting in McD’s and Burger King for about and hour staring into space cos we were too exhausted to do anything else.
  • Just the entire weekend rocked!

well i think thats everything…anybody else go any more pictures?

Thanks guys,

Glad you all enjoyed it. Sorry, was way too busy to put in as much effort organising it as last year; hope it worked out all right :p. We had a few less riders this year, but thanks to Unicyclistjoe, we had way more publicity in the local papers. Maybe that might encourage a few people to take up unicycling.



yep, ive got more pictures, and once my computer is fixed i will load em up y’all.

highlights for myself-

meeting all the peeps, seeing the up and coming starts cough pete vb cough

participating in my first ever uni weekend, and coming 3rd in the high jump

driving the trials specific car that didnt idle

breaking my uni in various ways…gotta see the video

gliding on tonys freestyle uni

playing bullrush…man thats fun…

thts all for now…will post again when i got pics

Congratulations guys - looks like you had a great event. Wish I could’ve been there. Hell, it’s spring time for you guys…I am riding home in the dark every night these days. I need to start migrating to NZ ever October for 6 months.


Oh yeah that definatley was interesting :wink:

Anyway I went to the school sports coordinator today, she alwyas goes on about needing student sports results so I thought why not. As soon as I mentioned unicycling she became very interested (and a little strange…) so she started writing down my placings a few details and the phone range. After a while I noticed she was talking about me, and who ever was on the other line sounded very interested, especially in my contact details. So once she hangs up she tells me it was a guy from the Nelson Mail (our local paper) and that he might want to do an article on me! So that is very cool, and perfect timing as well.
I’ll let you know if anything grows from it…

Hey that’s awesome Pete! Make sure you post the article so we can all see it :slight_smile: !

Here’s another article on Mondays Hutt News (Argh! I’m not a Surgeon, just a lowly “House Surgeon” which is another name for Resident Doctor):

hehehe, i feel so evil…look at the close up of joe I found in one of those photos of yours ken.


Yes, I do believe I caught Unicyclistjoe at various opportune moments.

Crikey - since telling the sports coordinator about my unicycling successes school has got crazy. She must have done some sort of public announcement in the staff room or something because now all my teachers are coming up and asking me about it etc
One P.E teacher even challenged me to sumo battle (he can’t even ride) and was confindent I wouldn’t be too hard to beat. I think hes got over that idea now, though tonight the sports captain from shcool rang me at home and said he is doing a speach at the school sports prizegiving about the years male sports, and he is using me and my unicycling as the closing part of his speach, and he asked if after his speach I could go up and do a short demo. So of course I said yes, so now I’m doing a demo in front of a lot of parents, teachers, staff, and students - TOMOROW!
So that should be interesting. Oh and any suggestions about tricks I should do?

Wow, I had no idea going to a unicycle weekend would do this kind of thing.

Hey Pete,

That is really cool- always great when they take you as a serious sport (which it is) rather than the usual circus/clown stereotype. Make sure you get some good mileage from this demo- try to recruit a few new unicyclists for the federation too :wink:

As for suggestions- perhaps doing it to music- things always looks better to music. Pity we don’t really have much of a freestyle scene in NZ- but you could put some sort of routine together. You could jump up the steps to get on stage? Exit by dropping of the stage or suchlike. Make sure you practice first so you know what you’re doing when you’ve got an audience.

Best of luck!


My photos from the NZUNi weekend are up. 'Ere they are

Good luck with your demo, Pete!

i do say chaps, i am dreadfully embarrassed at such paparazzi snaps. come on though, it is kinda necessary, am i right? so, i would have had my photos up…but i cant log into the gallery, even after i created a new account…