NZUni Weekend 07 Video

Here’s my video from the 2007 New Zealand Unicycle Weekend. It’s pretty long and has minimal fancy editing and stuff but I just didn’t want to cut anything out. So yea here it is

Apologies for the weird changes in white balance, missing some of the best tricks and accidentally leaving Danny out of the credits (he’s the guy at the start who does the 360 sidespin)

So anyway… enjoy!

Still awesome. I should have done more freestyle over the weekend (not like the ending). And tried doubles and fifth flips more.

Yea that would’ve been awesome. Have you landed any fifths flips before?

Nah… but after seeing that one in slow-mo I’ll think about putting back foot back more.

Looks awesome.

That flip of the rail was really nice.

Really good video and really good flip off the rail. I Didn’t know you were that good, unicycledood.

That was an awesome weekend:)

Haha cheers, I should have come to Uninats.

He knows my secret identity :open_mouth: Larlz, cheers. I should have come to Uninats… next year…maybe.

Really good riding and editing :slight_smile:

Looks like a fun weekend.

Hey thanks for all the positive feedback guys. And yea it was an awesome weekend!

Haha I’m glad you liked the editing skilewis74! I pretty much just put the clips in order and added the odd slow-mo effect :stuck_out_tongue:

Next UniNats is in 2009 I think and in NZ I think. UNICON 2010 is in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia I think.

Unicon is still being desided isnt it? We have our Uninats here in New Zealand every year, but we might be changing that to twice a year. Come!

You have skills! :smiley:
Looked to be a great weekend.

If you like this video you’ll love this one. Team H Productions Present

great vid. looked like some really fun times!