NZUni Movie - H to the Maxxx

I’ve made a movie of footage shot at the recent 06 NZUni weekend. Most of it was shot during our muni ride at Woodhill Forest. Good riding, even better crashes! Direct download link. 30MB - well worth downloading.

Here’s my photo gallery of the event.

Roll on the 2007 NZUni weekend!

Great vid Tone. Peter’s bail is wicked. Favorite part is ben hopping across to the root.

Nice, that looks like so much fun! I liked the 540 unispin too. I wish I had stuff like that to ride on.

Come ride with us any day buddy.

Nice vid!

The wrecks were great to watch. =p

Cheers, I was pretty pumped to land them :smiley: Nice vid Tony, GO TEAM H!

Great vid tony. Wow you guys have some awesome stuff to ride muni-wise! it looked like a really great weekend - hopefully i can come to one in the future.

Hey munimanpete i really like your seatpost clamp - i have never considered red on my kh before but i am now.


He he funny when he says “Jason I mist that can you did again?”:smiley:

You guys talk funny, but you make really good videos. I would really enjoy riding those bridges. Looks like fun.