nz uni weekend

This year’s New Zealand Uni Weekend will again be held on labour weekend (21st to 24th october)
should be awesome again…world class riders are presumed to be attending such as joe dyson, tony melton, peter vb, ken looi, peter bier, isaac bain, and others :roll_eyes:

It’s going to be held in auckland this year (NZ’s biggest city + north island)

Any aussies or such keen on coming?
i know its a few months away but if some people are going to come from overseas they need some warning :stuck_out_tongue:

wtf is isaac bain and what can he do thats so special?

isaac’s the man :sunglasses:

jesus christ man. dont go around saying stuuf like that about yourself. sux balls.

sarcasim dude :astonished:


Seriously, so much fun you’ll want to keep it a secret :wink: .

Sounds good.

If i can scrape the cash together i might think about it.



hopefully i get my new uni in time… :stuck_out_tongue: i’m definate i will though.

cough buy my uni!! :smiley: