NZ Uni Nationals 2010

Hey guys,

Here’s a video I chucked together of street and trials from the recent New Zealand Nationals. Didn’t put much effort into the editing, just wanted to show some of the stuff we get up to down here.

Couldn’t be bothered putting credits in, but the main riders are Chris Huriwai (1st in Flat, 2nd in Street), Dan Cowling (1st in Street) and Mike Padial (1st in Trials, 1st in High Jump (110 cm)).

Sorry there’s nothing from the flat comp.

Hope you enjoy it,


that was a beastly vid :smiley: you know, for a new zealander :stuck_out_tongue:

ps - i have the same last name as you :slight_smile:

Sweetness. Good times

nice vid =)
the street and trials were pretty good =D
Such a nice trial park… :roll_eyes:

awww shame XD

1:02 lol dan. pretty good k1 competition there. chris’s handrail kink was nice! good vid

This is just awesome! :slight_smile: It looks really cool when you catch flips in the air. Hahah, I went 'OMG! :astonished: ’ at 3:08 when Chris almost landed a flip over that thingy :stuck_out_tongue:
The grinds were great :slight_smile: Nice trials course too :wink:

I wanted to go back to that skatepark and film a few things out of competition… O’well, good reason to go back to Christchurch, awesome place.

Me? That’s cool; don’t think I’ve ever met anybody with the same surname (apart from my family, of course).

Glad everybody enjoyed it. It was such a cool weekend. And yeah, you should definitely come down again Chris!