NZ Muni Weekend 2005

The second NZ Muni weekend is on in Auckland April 23rd to 25th (Anzac Weekend). There are heaps of great rides planned, so write this event in your diary now! I’ve planned Saturday’s riding at Woodhill forest which is famous for its wooden structures. Sunday we’ll go to Hunua or Whitford for a muni ride in the morning then go trials riding in the afternoon, hitting the best spots downtown Auckland has to offer. More native bush muni at Eskdale Reserve on Monday morning.

The NZ premier of “One Wheel Addiction” will be held during the Muni weekend - probably Saturday night.

This event is open to unicyclists of all levels, so please come along and meet other offroader unicyclists.

I have one spare 24" Muni to lend out, if you’d like to give it a go but don’t have a Muni.

For more information and to register see this page

Any questions or comments - post them here or contact me, Tony Melton email: tony (at) unicycle . co . nz