I got an email from Scott the Muniac . He wants to know if anyone on the NYUni
list would be interested in getting together in New Jersey for muni riding. If
there are interested riders he would like to get in touch with you. He has an
well designed, informative and entertaining site which includes movies at<A
HREF=“http://www.muniac.com./”>Muniac Manor</A>. I am waiting to hear from him
to find out if he knows a location in Jersey for a meet that would be good for
all levels and styles of riding. In the meantime i am planning a meet this
saturday at 2:00 in the city at either Riverside Park or Central Park. Email me
if you have a preference. Last Sunday we started in Riverside and ended up in
Central Park. Thanks to all who showed up. Let me know if you want to be added
to (or removed from) the list …Andrew