NYUC meeting saturday? (ping HardcoreCokerRider)

Okay, being the young college student that I am…I am impulsively and without much preparation thinking about going to the NYUC meeting on saturday. I really want to try out the schlumpf 29er and der Uber coker. If I do decide to make the drive, are these two unicycles going to be there? I know andrew has der Uber coker, and from other videos I have seen someone had a schlumpf 29er. So to those two unicyclists…will you be attending tomorrow? What time should I arrive, and should I drive into the city or…park somewhere and take a train or what? I am driving from the DC area.

I have nothing planned, but I am sure that if I drove up it would be a fun time, and I could do something in the city afterwards. As of now this is up in the air for me, but I will know for sure sometime tonight.

Im supposed to be going myself, but I have to pick me mum up from Kennedy Airport :frowning: :angry:

I’ll be there, can’t wait. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

(I’ll have a regular uni.)

I’ll be there too, but I’ll be a bit late (usu there at 1, but this time, more like 2:30). My guni won’t be there — it’s out of commission for awhile due to a stripped thread. David Bagley’s might be there, but he’s only planning to attend from 1-2, so be on time if you hope to see it. He’s also bringing the world’s only sideways-riding uni (built by Tommi Miller) that he’s still learning to ride.

I’ll be bringing a Super Trick Cycle, the world’s (?) only spinning-frame unicycle, an ultimate wheel, an impossible wheel, and some other stuff. A good time will be had by all, promised, and I am really looking forward to meeting some of you first-time visitors.

David Stone

These directions

Are the above directions right? Can anyone give me easier (more direct)directions to follow (from 495), it seems like there are a lot of unnecessary turns.

Those directions will work, but it might be easier to get off the highway at 96th St and head uptown on Riverside Drive. We’re at 122nd and RSD. RSD is a bit odd at that spot because it ‘opens up’ around the Grant’s Tomb area. I think there is some more info about this at the club’s website (newyorkunicycle.com). See you tom’w!

Im sorry I am pretty bad with directions. I am pretty sure I can get to “Henry Hudson Parkway (9A) to exit 12 (125th Street).”, but what is the best way to get to riverside from that exit? The site mentions that there is street parking on riverside, so hopefully I can find a street spot…if not is there a garage or anywhere else I can park?

I am 99 percent sure I am going tomorrow, so I am looking forward to meeting everyone. I will plan on getting there early(noon, in case anything happens on the way and i get lost) so I can try out a schlumpf and der Uber Coker (assuming that andrew will be there).

I will be bringing my KH trials and skippii’s geared giraffe.


I should be there by around 2:00pm. I look forward to meeting you and Chrashing. Unfortunately, I won’t have my Airfoil Coker or my geared giraffe ready for tomorrow, but I will have der Uber and my stock steel rim Coker.

Great! One last thought before I go to bed:

Can someone who is relatively small bring one of their cokers or a small seatpost that will fit der Uber Coker, Im afraid that the seat will be too high and I wont be able to lower it (that would be a major letdown).

Time to sleep so I can make the long journey up there tomorrow.

When I got der Uber, I took off the Kris Holm seat Kris had on it and put on an air seat beacause air seats are the only type of saddles I can ride with. The KH seat that der Uber came with has a very short seatpost and I will bring it with me for you tomorrow, so you shouldn’t have any problem. See ya tomorrow!

Its about 7am, I am going to take off in about 15 minutes or so. I’ll see you all there!

looking foward to seeing you there.

I ended up getting lucky, I dont have to pick up my mother untill later, so Ill be there.

Had a great time today, HCC brought a 36" uber Coker( I didnt have the balls to try it)
I pretty much got the hang of a rolling mount.

I also had a great time. Everyone I met was really nice. Thanks to HCR for letting me ride der Uber Coker as much as I did. I did not want to get off that thing!

my highlights:

  1. der uber coker - so fast!
  2. trying to pirouette(spelling?) on a coker (banking those turns is so fun!)
  3. David’s crab cycle…really challenging!
  4. trying a BC wheel for the first time (thanks to david stone)
  5. Meeting all the NY area riders
  6. Eating a jumbo slice of pizza (thanks David).
  7. having my poorly planned trip work out
  8. unicycling to central park after the meeting.

You have a great group over in NYC.

I will post some videos I took with my camera soon.

Any one want to meet on thanks giving day after the parade?

Id love to, I hope my knee feels better by then. I just slammed it on the concrete…I hope I didnt break anything.

It was great to meet you guys last weekend. I enjoyed seeing the talented riding and the awesome unique-cycles.

Just one of the cool things was to watch HCR on the der uber Coker, to see him fly with Harper’s geared hub was phenomenal. What a beautiful hub it is, and such a sleeper. You can’t tell without looking for the hub, only the speed of the rider gives it away. We’ll, speed and maybe the sound of the UPD. With that speed, hitting the ground is noisy, must be all the energy dissipated with the feet hitting the pavement. Nobody fell, but they ran like hell not to.

No problem… it was great meeting you! Hope you can make it to another meeting sometime.

You are quite a natural when it comes to Cokers and guni’s. You really rode der Uber like a madman… and your banked turns on my stock Coker were really smooth and nice, too.

Your attempts at pirouettes looked really good. One day you just keep pedaling and make that transition from circling to spinning… it just clicks somehow. I think you’ll get it pretty quickly once you have your own Coker to practice on.

Thanks a lot, Ken!

It was great meeting you, too! Cool t-shirt with your avatar!

Hope you can make it back sometime!