NYME is over

i just got back, and it was a great, great time. pictures i took are here:


i was having so much fun riding and hanging out that i did not think to take pictures until day 3, when only a couple other people were around, so these pictures only show part of the whole story.

my favorite part was riding natty with john, nick, and joey Saturday afternoon.

my least favorite part was waking up at the crack of dawn Sat and Sun.

another great time was me wiping the floor with the remains of SWAT after a few rounds of SSBM. eat it nick and kevin.

thanks to joe for a great event!

SWAT was ravished by Hell On Wheel

Not true. HOW was totally ravished by Rita.:smiley:

And you guys know you wish you had the pimpin coasting uni.

Actually Nick beat you. Then I trashed Nick. So, had I been in my proper frame of mind :astonished: ownage of you would have occured.

i think our pictures will be posted soon. trip you are good at ssbm but i can beat you. i would love to play again sometime. hopefully before next year. hey trip, next year, you should maybe bring a muni to muni weekend! lol just playin. see ya soon hopefully not too soon.

I did notice that with the exception of Frank, HOW was devoid of actual MUnis. Jim Vadala had the same problem and broke the seatpost and pedal of his Onza 20’’ over the course of the weekend. I advise them to bring MUnis next time … if they can, of course.

Overall the weekend was pretty damn awesome. For the first time riding serious technical MUni, I’d say I did pretty well (and my new KH performed beautifully). I did discover my weak point, though … natural trials. I can’t do it at all. I need actual flat, tractionful surfaces to ride on in order to do trials well at this point, not slippery logs and wobbly, uneven rocks.

Also, I can vouch for the fact that Kevin’s a good deal better than he appeared at SSBM. The way he was playing, I could probably have beaten him. And that would have been a travesty. I can hold my own, but I’m no heavyweight.

3- Cheers for Merrill & Family!


I think I left my pants there… t’was a good weekend, and plenty of bruises… Mebbe I’ll walk to school today… nope, UNI TIME!!!

Re: 3- Cheers for Merrill & Family!

Apparently a really good weekend!

Except for the car backing over my Muni, It really was a terrific weekend. Thank you Joe, you really out did yourself for us.

i own a muni, but we were cramming 4 people and gear into a single car so i could only bring one uni. naturally i chose the trials as trials is what i do. so even though i was not equiped to ride trails, i was able to do some natty that i would have been unable to do on a 24". also, i rode much more trials over the weekend than muni. friday night a few of us travelled into town and rode for a couple hours, which was great. saturday morning we rode trails but i stopped at every decent looking natty line and hit that up. following the muni ride, john, nick, joey and myself rode trials around joe’s, which was by far my favorite part. i landed some lines that i did not know i could do. then sunday morning nick, john, and myself rode trials around joe’s again.

the trials setup was great. a will explain a few of the lines that we frequented the most.

the first was an easy hop onto a rock, a gap onto a stump, then over onto a 2x6 plank (fat side), a hop onto a small landing area onto a stump that was connected to a great ladder type skinny that was probably 20’ long. then there was a big pie of logs that was a tad difficult to manage, then a short log ride, gap across some perpindicular logs, finishing on a pile of logs and off. i never landed the line this way but got it in the reversed direction. nick got it the right way and joey of course nailed both.

the next was a ramp up a ladder type bridge thing (similar in the first) onto a log, a tricky manuevering through some branches sticking up, then either a ride along the log or a ride on some 2x4s. i think all four of us completed this line.

a third one that joey and i did was a hop onto a 2x4 (from the second line i explain) then maybe a 6’ gap to pedal grab on the log.

other than that we just played around on all the other stuff.

friday night we watched joey’s copy of spaced out.

a note on SSBM: it is true that nick won the first match, but there were three people playing and he had a much higher percentage when i died, so i hardly think that this example means anything. then i beat both nick and kevin in 1v1 matches at least 4 times each. they didnt win once.

I had a blast. My kids had a blast. Thanks for the pictures. Can’t wait to see more.

I’m sorry to say to those of you that had to leave Sunday at noon, that the trail we rode yesterday afternoon was the best of them all. Massive amounts of dry granite boulders with all sorts of really gnarly trials moves. We’ll have to ride that section on Saturday next time!

Someone left their Minolta battery charger in the dining room. Lmk, I’ll mail it to you.

Didn’t see the pants yet.


Great weekend everyone!!! Loved meeting you all. Husband, kids and I all had a blast! Kudos to Joe, all around good time. Loved the fire and the relaxed time. You’ve all inspired me to start practicing harder.:smiley:

Out of curiosity do you guys pronounce it:

  • nime
  • ni - me
  • N - Y - M - E

Just asking.


the event was so awsome, next year will be even better, the trip into town with trip( no pun intended) was good even tho we got kick out like 3 minutes after we arrived, this was saturday night not the friday nightt ride, I don’t have a muni I need one, I’m gonna make one soon…other wise it was awosme. I can’t wait untill next years.

does anyone know when motorama is?

Sometime in mid February. Considering we had 25 competitors there last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get 35-40 this time around.


Yeah a couple of thanks:

Joe, for organizing everything and having an awesome trials course.
Bill, for giving me a ride.
Brian M, for picking me up the CF seat
Dave S, for helping me install the seat.

It was a very fun event. It was good to meet everyone and ride. Can’t wait til next year.

I just got back now, that was quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve been to.

Thanks Joe (and for mailing me my battery and charger :frowning: ) - I’ll email you my addy, after I go clean out the car…it smells like a weekend’s worth of sweatty gear in there.

After the event, I got to get to a NYUC meeting, and out for dinner with Dave Stockton and Lowell, what a great night!

We skipped seeing lady liberty, but did throw a pizza crust to two rats.

I was able to ride a 45", a 12", and one that the seat post swivels freely (on purpose)

It was great meeting everyone, and I’ll see you next year.

That was a great weekend, eh?

I would also like to take this time to apologize to Joey.

I wish I could have stayed up later drinking with you guys, but I had to get up early and go for a MUni ride the next morning.


Awww man… I wished I could’ve been there…

Hats off to Joe for organizing a great weekend. Great riding, excellent weather, tons of food, an open house for all to use freely, great trials and lots of great people. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

Joe, you are a great host. Thanks.


It was awesome. Thank you Merrill for letting us take over your house for the weekend. You got that money we left for you right?

wow definitely an amazing weekend! i had a blast and will definitely be at motorama! joe we didnt trash the house too much did we? i think the best part for me was the coaster uni. i give props to S.W.A.T. for building the most badass green mini monster freecoasting uni. well im off to go try and make an ultumate wheel and impossible wheel. sounds like fun eh?

joel - soda?!? oh you mean pop. we call soda, pop up in canada
joey - … :sunglasses: heh heh need i say more