NYC Unifest 2010

Here it is!


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-Kevin Kartchner

awesome man! well worth the wait, you really portrayed how ABSOLUTELY awesome it was! i loved all the stuff, at least i get to see you and eli real soon! :smiley:

I LOVE IT!! Kevin Kartchner, you’re a genius :wink:

Mmmm delicious. Nice vid man.


so so good guys, really entertaining riding, some of the filming was a bit meh though, really shaky and dark so blurred and cant tell exactly what happens.

favourite parts

  • trey side double fakie flip?
  • 540 - 360 - 540
  • uni spin / blind uni spin line
  • eli’s random wraps and side variations thrown into flat combo’s
  • full out flip off the angled kicker/curb thing. real stylish

everything else was amazing as well, hope some of you guys come to aus one day… :slight_smile:

Thanks, yeah it was a treysidedoublefakie :slight_smile:

full out double youngster :wink:

I’m going to watch this everyday now. I hope I go to NAUCC.

Dang that was immense! awesome picture of liberty statue, did you take it kevin?

:open_mouth: awesome! :smiley:

Awesome video. I liked to see how much fun we can have at events like this.

oh, so great :astonished:
wish i was back riding in ny

That was bad-ass… skills shown are fantastic.
Too bad YT muted the film.
Terrific filming and edits Kevin.

I… Could’ve… Been in that…

Damn :[

Will we need a trip to the city soon :[ I’m on withdrawl.

Too sick guys, amazing.

Flatland xD

NYC must have some siiiiiiiiiick spots…

What? Some asshole is going around bumping awesome videos back to the top of the page.


Dear Kevin Kartchner,
You’re the man.
Love, Eli.

hahahahahahahaha nah dude you’re the man!

i like the enjoi refrence. lol