NYC unicycle festival, who's going?

I haven’t heard much on the forums about the upcoming NYC unifest so I was wondering who is planning on going. Does anyone know if its going to be a good event for trials? From looking at the schedule it doesn’t seem too trials oriented but I’m sure if there are a lot of trials or street riders coming we could have some more trials rides.
NYC unicycle festival

I’ll be there. I’m not much of a trials guy myself, but does anyone know if there are flat or street events?

I’m be going. Looking forward to it.

Cue the music: If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…

I’m planning to be there Sunday (Grant’s Tomb) and maybe Friday(for the ride).

Wish I could go all 3 days. Must get some of those wonderful T-shirts and posters.

I’m going. It sounds good, and it’s pretty close.

I’m hoping to go. Probably Sunday and I want to try to make the ride Friday, but that isn’t looking great.

Eli, I’ll be coming up with my friend Aidan Teleki, who I think you’ve talked to before? We should do a street/trials/flat ride sometime when there’s no planned event and see who else wants to ride too.

Oh, yeah man! That’ll be awesome. I know Will Riley’s going. There will be quite a few trials/street/flat riders. I look forward to it.

Eli I love your sig. :p:D

Edit: I wish I could go to the NYC event.

Hahah the idea came to me in a dream :stuck_out_tongue:

its going to be soooooooooo fun and max if sean can come can he go with you if i hitch a ride with you? and beg your parents to let you off school friday

MUni anyone?

Anyone interested in doing a MUni ride on Sunday of the Uni Fest? The best places to ride are in New Jersey, about 30 mins from Grant’s Tomb. We can meet up Sunday morning at Grant’s Tomb and carpool to Ramapo Mountain State Forest, NJ and do some awesome downhill Muni. I’ve riden in those trails for 10 years and know the area inside out. Let me know.

NYT article about unicycling that mentions the upcoming festival.
(I am the one in the picture midway through the page - I moved to the US the week before the picture was taken)



If you’re going, then I’m going!

Let me know if you’ll be doing the Bklyn Bridge ride to Coney Island Amusement Park Friday.

I think there’ll be trials (and everything else) Saturday.

Funny not a lot of people on this thread, often in the summer the club gets LOTS of people (and Sunday will be like a regular meeting only MUCH larger). But the bulk of the NYC Unatics do not post here at all, even David Stone, the club president, rarely posts here.

Scientific America is covering it and hopes to find people to talk about the physics of unicycling.

Hello Billy, Glad your going… But, it turns out that I’m going to be there Sat. . 2-3 of us will be taking the trains, subways, ferrys and unicycles.

THe weekend got lots of good press!

Anyone post any pics or vids?

I rarely post here (I think I have only about 600 posts over nearly a decade), but I did go to the Saturday and Sunday events. I’d have gone on the Friday ride, too, but my knee was too wonky to handle that many miles.

Billy, where were you? I’m pretty sure you didn’t make it either day. Did you do the Bridge ride?

That was a fun weekend :slight_smile:

A few pictures of the Saturday at Governors Island

(I am still in tourist mode so pictures are not 100% focused on the festival)