NYC Unicycle Festival: August 29-31, 2014

It’s official, the 2014 NYC Unicycle Festival rolls into the Big Apple August 29 to August 31. The festival features Brooklyn Unicycle Day and two days of amazing events on Governors Island.

Updates will be posted on both Facebook and at

This is a Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts production.

DON"T miss this if possible! it’s an amazing few days in heaven!!!

I’ve been to NYC once before a few years ago and had a blast. I only saw the essential tourist places in a few days because of my meager budget. I’ve been wanting to go back and see sites I missed. A couple of weeks ago I started riding a unicycle and thought it would be fun to combine vacation with a unicycling event. I can’t make it to Unicon so this would be the next best option. Would it be worth the large amount of frequent flyer miles I would have to use for the airfare and hotel? I was thinking of just going to this festival for one day. If end up going should I haul my unicycle out there? It’s a 24" Sun Classic. Or would there be an opportunity to rent a unicycle?

Anyone from outside of NYC go to this event last year? What do you think?

So far I can ride about 100 yards and I’m just starting to work on free mounting. Hopefully I’ll have free mounting down by then.

Definitely. I’d love to go, but since I am going to Unicon I know I can’t make this one. Someday!

For sights to see, don’t overlook some unicycling in Central Park, which is a lot of fun. Hit the big rocks in the southern part of the park, near the Childrens Zoo. First place I ever rode a unicycle on pure rock; it was some of my early MUni riding. Then there’s probably some non-unicycling stuff you could see as well. :slight_smile:

Contact the organizers and local riders. It’s possible someone has a place you could stay at their house/apartment. If you do get connected to the local unicyclists, you might also be able to borrow a uni; a great idea for a 1-day event and for such a new rider.

Have a great time in my place!

Thanks for the encouragement John. I’ll be sure to report back on how it goes. I just might bring my uni with me. Not sure if I’ll be doing any Muni by then. Got to get my free mount working first.