NYC Unicycle Festival 2012

Searched for a post on this topic, and one came up, except that that post has a mistaken title. It was for 2011, even though it says 2012.

Anybody going? It would be my first time. I think it’s only a few years old.

Can anybody comment on their experiences last year? I will be coming up from the DC area with my wife and two children aged 4 and 6. The wife and 6 year old are just learning–I’ve ridden for 25+ years.

Can anybody comment on a good location to stay?

What about if the weather is bad? Is there a gym on Governor’s Island?

I’ll be taking Amtrak, and probably will take apart my 4 unis and put them in a duffel bag. Not sure about check-in and how cushioned I should pack them…

I’m planning on going (my first time too) but don’t know any of the details yet. I go to school close by so I’d probably just end up going today.

As far as traveling with unis, I just went to NAUCC by plane so I have some experience with that. I was able to fit 2 fully disassembled unis (24" and 20") in one jumbo duffel along with all my clothes. I used my clothes for some padding and used cut up pool noodles for extra padding. Pool noodles are the best! They’re $1 each and one noodle can cover pretty much every single part of a uni including the rim if you take the tire off.

What are the dates for the event? I have never been able to go in the past, but maybe this year will work…

I went last year and it really was a great experience, I really had a great time! And this year will be better because they will have 2 days on Governors Island!!

Here is the link to page with all the information to this year’s festival:

More info here

On Facebook:

Why have I never heard of this before!? I always thought there were no major uni events in the northeast…

Probably won’t make it this year, but I’ll definitely be there in 2013.