NYC Uni ride Sept 13th

Hey everyone, on September 13th, me and Jonny (Jonny peacock) are going to be riding around Brooklyn.

Anyone who wants to come is welcome, any skill level.

We will be meeting at the food stand right in front of city hall, will ride to the Brooklyn banks, maybe the china town skate park, and we’ll just have some fun from there just hanging out everywhere in between.

At 11:30 AM or so, me and Jonny are meeting at City hall, as mentioned before. Its at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge (Manhattan Side).

Once City Hall is found, just look for a small food stand with a bunch of circular benches on one of the sides of city hall, and thats where we’ll be meeting.

Google maps will get you there, it is immediately at the end of the Bridge. “City Hall Park”. Huge White building, you cant miss it.

Give me a PM if you might be attending and want my number for contact on it.

just bumping so people know whats going on who missed it yesterday.

Dang it… I don’t think I’ll be around saturday, unfortunately… and you guys will be right in my “backyard” - I’m right over at the South Street Seaport, just south of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Hopefully next time…

If you live in new york come to the Unatics club are I’ll hunt you down and run you over with my unicycle. Heres the linkage

I was going to go last month on the 16th. I live on long island, and train fare is kinda pricey. When I can get there, I will.

Ok. If you come I’ll pay your train fair(…umm maybe half). I just want some street and trials riders to ride with. theres like 2 other street riders in the club. Everyone else rides freestlye or cokers.

As generous as that sounds, i am not going to take your money :roll_eyes:

I’ll get out there eventually. Would have been cool to have you ride with me and jonny though.



where have you been???
I was just talking about you this weekend during the NYC Century Bike Tour.


Sorry to have been MIA… just been busy with work and other things and hadn’t been riding much, so I got kind of out of shape. I had actually ridden around for about 6 months or more (mostly just in the neighborhood) with a crank that was so stripped, there must have literally been 4 - 5 inches of travel! It was almost like riding everywhere one-footed! I actually even did a scene/stunt for a small, independent movie on the Coker with the broken crank… I’m going to try and get a copy. I got that fixed though and now I’m riding more and getting back in shape. I’m looking forward to showing up at a Unatics meeting and/or a LI ride sometime soon.

I hope you and your family are doing well. Your boy will probably be the youngest kid ever to learn how to ride :wink:

I’m glad your back in action.
Ziggy is rockin other than breaking his leg 3 weeks ago on his 2nd birthday (not unicycle related). The cast is now gone and were ready to rock!
I will have him riding by within a few months or so. He already has a juice company waiting to hire him.
Did you see the YouTube “unicycling in the streets of Manhattan” vid? Just under 800,000 hits.
Let me know when you are planning to come out to the island to visit your mom.

Me and Jonny went, but we had an awesome time, although I threw up at random, and he had a headache for a while, haha.

Sorry for those who couldn’t have made it, but me and jonny had a blast. We got some good footage, and the vid will be up in the next few days.