NYC Uni club?

Hey -

I’m gonna be in NYC tomorrow (Sat Feb19) and, IIRC, the NYC Uni club meets at Grants Tomb on the 3rd Sat, which this will be.

Is this true, and, if so, will anyone be there on a blustery Saturday. I can’t make it there till 2 or 3 PM. Is that too late? I’m planning on bringing my KH29XC, if anyone wants to see/try it.

I’m on the mailing list even though my visits are few and far between. According to an email sent by David Stone at 3:23 today there will be a meeting tomorrow. The meetings usually start at 1:00 so 2:00 or 3:00 shouldn’t be too late.

Re: NYC Uni club?

Hey, Steve.

Raphael was right: We ARE meeting tom’w at 12-5 more or less. Most ppl don’t show up till about 2pm anyway, so you certainly won’t be “late” – you’ll be right on time.

And best of all, you’ll get to meet me and my car-bashing unicycle. Then you can see for yourself what kind of person I am. And vice versa. I really look forward to meeting you; it’s always nice to have a guest in town!

Till tom’w!


PS: If you need to reach me at the last minute, call my cel: 646.742.7663

Coolness. 8-]