NYC Century Ride 2009: Register Now!

NYC Century Ride 2009:
Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009

Last year, a bunch of us had fun on this ride (except when my guni malfunctioned and I became a bowling pin), and Roland became one of the most recent members of the Century club.

From past experience, I can tell you that you want to get there (and start) before the official 5:45 am start time. An early start means a much greater chance of actually finishing the whole course.

Drop me a line (on this thread or a pm) if you’re interested. I’m planning to attend. Also LMK if you don’t have a place to stay.


I just got a mailer to remind me to register. The price is $60 and goes up to $65 as of July 4. It continues to rise until game day: $75. So save $15 and register asap. And then tell us that you’re going so we can plan a great ride.

I think Shaun (from Singapore) might be interested. We were actually just talking about you yesterday.

I will talk to the unicyclists around here, and maybe we could come to New York for the whole week-end. I’m definitely interested because it seems to be a good way to see this huge city.

I’ll let you guys know if we come.

Wow. I didn’t even hear bells ringing, or whatever is sposed to happen when people talk about you. I wonder what brought that up! I hope he can make it.

If so, LMK ahead of time bc I might have a cool place for you to stay, depending on #s of ppl, etc. You can PM me here, or email: unicycle.newpaltz at gmail dot com

Haha! We were talking about how conducive to cycling NYC is and I mentioned he should get in touch with you or John for his staple of distance rides.

bump, and i just registered for this the other day!
it was a really good time last year! i got my dad and brother to join this year (on bikes)

Great! I still haven’t heard from anyone else planning to attempt this year’s ride, but it’s nice to know I won’t be the only one.

I’m planning to start the ride before it officially gets going, since in past years I’ve noticed that the organizers run out of food towards the end – and also because an early start means a better chance of finishing even if I need to take some long breaks.

Anyone else interested in joining?

Unfortunately, my uni-buddy and me won’t be able to make it. My friend seriously broke his ankle(from a unicycle bail) and I just don’t have the time nor the money to come to New York for one week-end.

I wish I could make it but I don’t had the time to get ready for such a long ride by then.

How was the ride? Sorry I had to miss it this year.

I’ll write up a separate thread about it so that the response doesn’t get lost in this one. Basically it was a good day, tho I was disappointed to go ‘only’ 80 miles, esp since I’d gotten thru the first 30 in just 3 hours (including breaks). You’d think that 9 hours would be enough to go the last 70 miles at a slow pace, but I couldn’t do it – bonked from dehydration and took a long time to recover, after which I was never quite the same.

I loved the encouragement from the bikers, of course, and I was happy that I got a 2nd wind and rode so far. I also didn’t have any saddle soreness, which was why I couldn’t complete last year’s ride (after 89 miles – so frustrating!); I used so much chamois butter that I felt like I was swimming in it. I also didn’t suffer any muscle strains or aches – just a bit of minor soreness like after you run up one flight of stairs too many. So on the whole, I had a good experience.