Ny new Uni!

Well my uni is finally here! Yesterday I assemble it and got it ready and gave it a try…man my jewels…now I understand about how important is the comfort of the seat…anyway, I will get to practice today and see how it goes! It looks fun for sure and my wife cant wait to see me fall right on my face…lol bring it!

I really like the colour!!! Its a super sexy Uni!!!

My hubby plays circus music for me. Classic. Make sure you hum a few bars and work of the juggling skilz;) Can’t comment on the jewels part, I’m nut free myself but yeah, seat comfort is indeed important stuff on a uni. Nether region numbness seriously sucks!
Congrats! It is seriously the most frustratingly good time you will ever have!

Yeah I really like it! I’m just working out the height of seat post cause right now the whole post is in and if feels ok but need to check how much bend is on my leg/knee with the pedal at the 6 O’clock position and also check the tire pressure (the tire wall saids 40-65 psi) and I have it at 40 psi right now so will play with it. The funny thing was that the instructions said to tighten the clamps to 45 pounds… Where do I get a torque wrench for the allen bolts??? So I guesstimate it… Anyway will enjoy it!

Drop the pressure, you don’t need anything near that firm, maybe 20psi and see how that rides. Lower pressure slows down the action, higher pressure makes it twitchy.

Try tilting the seat nose up as far as it goes, that’ll make the crotch more comfortable.

Lurve your unicycle snakemau:slight_smile:

For the torque settings i use this

This has the correct sizes for most of the uni bits and the socket for crank pullers as well.

That is one very ORANGE unicycle :astonished:

Congrats on the purchase. Have fun with the learning.

As Ben mentioned you might find that lowering the tire pressure will help during the learning stages.

Is that a torker lx or is it just a new cx frame

Is the new 2013 Torker LX!

It looks pretty sick with and orange frame and an orange tire, now you just need some orange pedals

No no no no! Learning with that low of pressure on the type of tire you have is much more difficult. Ben is right that the tire becomes twitchy with high pressures, but that is really at pressures around 80psi. At 20psi, the unicycle does not go where it will naturally go since the tire is to soft and “sloppy” and really only wants to go in a straight line. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, when you’re learning, go in a straight line is not always possible. A pressure of 40-55psi is good for typical weight ranges of riders (100-250 lbs).

We’ve found 40-50 psi is pretty good for learning for the average adult.

As far as the torque goes, the clamps are probably in-lbs NOT ft-lbs. Big difference between the 2 measurements.

It’s not a huge worry to get by with standard allen wrenches instead of a torque wrench on most clamps (Schlumpf excluded).

The idea is to have the holders tight enough to keep the wheel in place, but not too tight to damage the bearings.

Tighten the bearing holders to a bit past finger tight with the allen wrench (a quarter turn or so). Check to see if the wheel spins freely. If it’s too tight and the wheel doesn’t spin freely, back them off just a bit and check again.

Check again every few rides.

Also, check all the bolts and nuts each time before riding for a bit. Dropping the uni a lot will loosen seat nuts. Square taper crank bolts sometimes come loose too.