NY Cyclocross C'ships - DENIED!

Today the NY State Cyclocross Championships was held not 3 miles from my house, in Delmar NY. A long time ago I emailed the directors, and after a couple emails they said that I couldn’t ride a unicycle. The USCF rules have rather specific rules and they specify two wheels and no recumbents.

Partly just to check out the bike race, I drove the 2.5 miles to the town park. I wore riding clothes and brought my KH29 and went and sought out the race directors. I was angling to get into the singlespeed category and hoping for an “Oh sure, what the hey! You can ride!”.

Not so lucky. The refs and organisers were friendly, smiling, curious about Muni, and stuck to their answer. No unis allowed in a USCF event. I thanked them and said if they’d make a separate category I could get half dozen or so entrants.

The venue is a 1.something mile-long jogging trail I ride fairly often with some variations made just for this race, including two unridably steep muddy hills for which the racers dismounted, and ran up carrying their cycles. Much of the trail was a mudfest after recent rains and a zillion bike tire tracks, and it would have been really hard to ride on a uni anyway, so just as well.

I had a good 4 mile Muni ride with my dog instead. :slight_smile:

thats a bummer.

but a fair enough decision anyway, if i was holding a Muni race i wouldnt want guys on bikes in the race.

Good job handling this in a dignified manner that reflects well on our sport and your courtesy and sportsmanship. Very wise and responsible not to take Billy with you.

Bummer. I had the same reaction initially when I wanted to enter an xc bike series near me. Their first response was that British Cycling (similar to USCF) said I didn’t fit into any of the classes. I had a polite moan, pointing out that unicycle teams were allowed in Mountain Mayhem and the like, and they eventually let me in on the promise that I didn’t get in the way. They want at least nine people to create a unicycle class, so I raced in the “fun” class, but that didn’t bother me - it meant I was in with the slower bikers which worked out really well.
Now they’re really keen for me to race next year, and are actually hoping for more unicyclists.
I say keep hassling them - nicely though.


Hello Steveyo, Sorry they wouldn’t let you ride this time. You would have provided a strong showing for unicycles.

Denying me would be a favor after our last year’s ride following the cyclocross bike runs. You disappeared from view in front of me at the first turn. Then it was all I do to just to plod 2 miles (I think) through to the finish line. I had to walk around much of the trial. By the time I finished, you looked rested from waiting for me. Those tracks are brutal, I had a lot respect watching those cyclocross guy/gals, but when I rode it myself I found those cyclocross riders have awesome endurance. I don’t care how many wheels they have, those runs are extreme.

Thanks for your compliment, Ken.

Yesterday’s course had whole sections which were very muddy, and I would have tried hard, but maybe failed to make a good showing for uni-ness.

The folks who do well in 'cross have high gnarliness and aerobic capacity.

Indeed I will. I especially value your advice, Rob, as you’re one of my entering-bike-events mentors.

Definitely fair, but kinda too inside-the-box. I’d let any human-powered vehicle in my Muni race, were I to have one… :roll_eyes:

I’ll take this at face value and say “Thanks” and “I’m inviting Billy next year”.

Billy, I hope you can make it, because I kinda promised them…

Err… thanks Steve :o
I’ve only done a few though, mostly small events, and one 24hr enduro (in a team, not solo)… not like your epic hillclimbs (although I do secretly quite fancy a go at one of those).


My hillclimbs (which are on roads) aren’t fit to polish the pedal pins of your 24 race, solo or not! But you should try a hillclimb, which is a good endorphin buzz if nothing else!