Nuva new vid sos for the music

This is the second vid ive put up here its mainly freestyle but there a bit of bouncing in it too let me know what you think there wud be more but i am the worst with computers lol

Oh yeh sorry bout the arrogance at the beginning a private joke but not so private now eh lol

You linked to your first movie, I think. That one was pretty good though. I am going to watch the second one now:D

Good enough… just roll when you do stairs and do not 20" Muni rest of the vid was good enough :sunglasses:

I just watched the second one, I really like your stand up wheel walk, thats what I am working on now. My bit of constructive critisism is when you are editing the movie, don’t show so much of your run up, if you ride up to something then ride back and ride back up again then just cut out that part and just show the trick.

Cheers Guys
yeh i no I’m no good at editing I need to get a better programme and some more practice and for some reason I cant use half the clips that Ive got im off to bed now but thanx for that