Nutted! :-(

This is what happens when you miss a no-footer on a 36er! :astonished: Unless your inseam is 37+ you’re gonna be singing soprano if you miss!:o

OUCH…looks like that one hurt Terry. Your a cokering madman though!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch!!! that one’s gotta hurt!

Well fortunately the tire wedged in on my left, causing only minimal contact with the “boys”. :o

Put a shirt on you tank.

Looks pretty painful.

Ah, yes, humor in it’s finest form… let me try to be funny, too!

There, is that entertaining?

Nice cap though terry. :stuck_out_tongue:

good to here it was indirect!:slight_smile:

i must say im envious of your non-freezing weather though:p

Hahahaha, Zing!

haha that reminds me of this::smiley:

Terry, what an amazing capture. Non-unicyclists might find this picture even more bizarre, especially with your fitting helmet typography. By the way, “Not 2 Tired” is so clever because it works on two levels. “Not 2” only one wheel. And “Not Too Tired” because you are proof that unicycling can be done at any age (no offense, of course). A variety of hardcore types of riding, actually.

dude. that sucks, good thing you didnt have full contact. that could sterilize you.

Here’s the shot from just before; I’ve done this before succesfully, but not tghis time!:frowning: I actually tried to abort but couldn’t get back far enough out of tire range!

You taking roids? I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with you:) .
Nice no footer, now take it down a curb!

Lol! That reminds me, it’s cake day tomorow!:stuck_out_tongue:

Terry man you’re stacked.

Hahahaha, I guess you aren’t voting for Hillary.

Haha, I just thought it was funny; the caption could’ve been anything.

Ouch! Terry can you land those?


You dont read much, do you?