hey, as a guy, i am quite a bit more nervous when trying new things on the unicycle, and i see people like Kris doing huge drops, while I am afraid to do a 4 foot drop, is there any way to prevent landing smack on them other than tape?, and also, people who road bike are supposed to not be as able to have kids as well as most people because they sit constantly on that tube, the choda or whatever, i was wondering if doing this on a unicycle for long periods of time has the same kind of damage/effect, and if there is any way to prevent that, or any type of seat.

kris holm apparntly has a kid.
so shrug

biking shorts are supposed to keep everything out of the danger zone.

but i’m just a girl. :slight_smile:

Sitting anywhere for a long time can cause impotence. You may as well be on a bicycle or unicycle.

If Kris Holm has a kid, it’s a surprise to me! He didn’t have any when he got married last September (2003).

First, if you’re not wearing bike shorts, I highly recommend them. Second, you don’t want to land on the seat when doing drops. When in doubt, learn to do drops seat out, and/or lower the seat.

People who do extreme amounts of road bike riding have had problems with pnile dysfunction. This is due to prolonged hours with a lot of weight on the centerline of the crotch. The same thing is possible on a unicycle, but you’d really have to put lots of hours in a week, sitting down, to compete with those road bikers. They sit on the seat for hours at a time. We unicyclists generally don’t. Those at highest risk are the long distance Coker riders. Trials riders are not particularly at risk for this.

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On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 19:41:52 -0600, “johnfoss” wrote:

>If Kris Holm has a kid, it’s a surprise to me! He didn’t have any when
>he got married last September (2003).

Oh John! Didn’t your parents educate you? :slight_smile:

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i get what you mean by lowering the seat, then u just stiffen ur legs lots so u don’t land hard on em lol, but i suppose if ur feet slip off u suffer the consequences, but i’m not sure what u mean by dropping with no seat or whatever

it means the seat isnt between your legs. You hold it out in front of you

Make an airseat … :thumbsup

And , J.F. is correct…

those training for competitions like ‘tour de france’ have problems…
Hours spent ‘training’ and competing on poorly designed seats…

Have you seen the new seats these days …?

two wheeler, Chris Boardman (Olympic gold medallist, hour record holder, Tour de France stage winner, etc), had five children last time I saw him :stuck_out_tongue:

greg lemond (last great american cyclist before lance) has several children. hell lance armstrong has one or two. if you aren’t dumb about it and respond (and fix) the problems that can cause your naughty bit to go numb everything should be fine. george barnes claims his junk still works after the coker ride across iowa a few years ago. he has no kids for proof, but he does have a wife so…yeah. I actually hurt my nuts more frequently mounting than on drops. You can hurt yourself pretty good on drop but if yor feet slip off, the uni will fly right out from under you after minimal contact with crtoch. it’ll still hurt but its not like getting kicked there or anything.

Re: nuts

Those little kids doing those huge drops have one advantage over
teenagers and adults-- little pre pubescent testicles about the size of
peanuts which don’t get in the way and tend to be less painful when
landed on.

In fact, the balls has to be crushed for you to get strile.
Imagine that!

screw the baby(s)! unicycling is better!!!

Wrong !!!

Make unicycle babies !

Pass on the unicycle gene … :smiley:


I’m suprised no one has stated the obvious that when you go for the big drops stand on the pedals easy as that.

I’ve been unicycling for two years and doing trials and muni for about a year and a half…I HAVEN’T ONCE landed on them.

I do quite a few trials demos these days and I really don’t like it when someone in the crowd or even the announcer (!) shouts out “That must hurt!” or “He mustn’t want kids” or something when I do a drop.

If drops involved landing on them I wouldn’t be doing drops!

I think the dropping to flat technique I’ve been trying to develop for myself puts you at less of a risk of slipping and landing on them too. It involves instantly rolling out of the drop (even on flat ground) and pivoting at the hips. You can see it at in the trials section.