NUTS! Sheffield, Very soon!

Is anybody interested in a really short notice Nuts meeting next week?
Andy, Josh and I met up on monday for a ride and decided we should get more people out for a ride. It just so happens that we’re all free next week so thought that we should try to organise a proper meeting. I know it is short notice but please send one of us a message or reply on here and we’ll sort out the best day for us all.

May be possible as living in Hull at the moment, please send us some details when you decide when and where you are meeting


I might be able to make it if my dad gives me a lift down. You got a date?


just go to the UK ride in york. that’s where you want to be !

I’m thinking of late next week, so somewhere around thursday/friday. I know it’s late notice but we just really wanted to get as many people together as we could. We’ll be organising some more in the next few weeks/months to come. Some rides in London will definitely be happening as well seeing as I am moving there in late September.

So who can make it to Sheffield on thurdays or friday?

You can’t have NUTS in the middle of the week! :roll_eyes:
NUTS are weekend things, you need a good day or so to recover :wink:

what is the location ? What Day

Whats NUTs

Northern unicycle trials sessions.

Yes we can AND yes we will!

The location will probably be the front of the train station seeing as most people know where that is. The day will either be thursday or friday dependant on whether more people can make it to one or the other. So people, please speak up and tell me which day suits everyone best.

I’m free almost every day so just pick a day and I’ll definately come. Theres a few good spots outside the train station. Which date were you thinking of? Thursday friday as in tomorrow or the day after? or next week?

If you do mean thursday/friday of this week then andy won’t be able to come cause he’s away somewhere. He gets back on sunday though.