NUTS #5 - 7th & 8th July - Manchester

Hey guys.

I was planning on starting my summer ‘tour’, heading down to Kits house on the 8th. After a chat, I could come down on the 7th, and we could go NUTS in Manchester?

Anyone interested?


Hey guys let me know if you go out riding, or drinking in Macc for that reason!

Come on guys, where are yas all?

Hopefully get a ride and a drink in, Neil :smiley:


Be great to see you there Neil. How’s the house selling going?

Who else fancies it?

I’m up for something on the sunday, I should have my XTP sorted by then too =D. I will ask Ike too as he can ride better now


i wish these were further down south, maybe a bit below manchester, towards london.

Then me, hodges, and mike s could make it easier.

hmm, maybe i’ll do a London ride again soon.

Well we should definitely do one in Birmingham like we talked about a while ago.

Perhaps in September after the summer’s over and things are a bit less busy for people?

Did someone mention a drink?

will it be trials on the saturday and muni on the sunday again? unfortunatly us lot from tholthorpe are doing a show on the saturday so we wont be able to make both the show and the trials. unless theres going to be trials on the sunday aswel??


I’m happy with a couple of days of trials. Don’t really want to turn up at fluck with stiff legs from too much muni. Having said that if my toe’s still giving me gip by then I might end up just taking photo’s whatever type of riding happens.

I see father Jack’s with us this evening…

Would you make it up for this Sean?

Did you ever do one Leeds?

I’m not trying to switch venue, just wondering if you ever got here after you talked about coming.


No, we took a month off for BUC and then we couldn’t decide on a date for Leeds where most people would be able to make it.

Leeds is definitely still on the agenda though. The reason we’re going for Manchester again is that Joe’s coming down to stop at mine before we go to Denmark so we thought since he’s down here and there was someone else asking about rides in Manchester why not turn it into a NUTS meet.

Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!

Aye, I’ll do my best.
Where’s Manchester again?

Follow the rain clouds.

What part of NORTHERN unicycle trials sessions dont you understand? lol.
Why not organise your own down south (SLUTS was that?) for us to come to?

A london ride sounds good. I havnt been to one before, but up for it!

And yeah, deffo do Leeds!

A thought just crossed my mind - any good gigs/local fesivals(?) on, we could organise around NUTS?


uhm if you make it the week before i can go… but i cant that week… sucks. i’d love to go though!

That’s a dam good plan!! if there’s lots of us on unicycles they might let us all in for free… most the good festivals i can think of at the mo. are a bit to far south… by the way, I’ll be there for this one. :wink:


i’m actually considering this now, depends how much a return ticket would cost from London.

Or is a coach cheaper?

If you need a sofa to crash on give me a yell.


The 7th and 8th July is the first weekend of my 4 week holiday from work!

What better way to start it off.

Muni on the sunday. Did someone say muni? On sunday? Aye? Muni on sunday? Cool. That’ll be muni on the sunday then. Sunday? Muni? Aye.

Kitt, can I/we crash at yours again? Your couches are so comfy and your family so nice.

I’ll tell Pebbles and Dean, see if they’re up for it too. Dean still can’t uni, but he’s a good laugh and can work a camera if told too.