NUTS - 4th April 09 - Newcastle

It gives my elevated excitations to announce the first NUTS convene of the year!

‘When?’ and ‘Where?’ I here you yelp. Allow me to answer that for you.

It will be held on the first weekend in April, which is the 4th, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

The meeting point will be outside Central Station at 10am.

Expect the customary laid back NUTS format with ample socialising, stacks of riding, as well as people to assist you learn new tricks etc.

NUTSXXX will hit Newcastle on Saturday night. This will be strictly 18+ only. Expect a mess! I can provide crash space at my house for those wanting stay over.

If anyone is interested, we can MUni on Sunday. The route is a nice XC circular, with fish and chip shops, and a great ice cream parlour!

Catch you on the ‘crank’ flipside,

Team NUTS!


i love NUTS meets

will be 18 and 10 days old by then tooo :slight_smile:

This sound awesome i will definitely come


Just to let everyone know, I’ll be there, so make sure you bring your autograph books.

Wow, my first NUTS, how exciting. Can we get T-shirts made with, “My first NUTS” on it?

Will you sign my boob?

I was thinking about getting NUTS tees made. If there is enough interest and someone to come up with a cracking design, I’ll get it sorted.


Who is all going to this? I was proper syked about it but now I’m not sure if many people are coming.

Please convince me otherwise.


Woop Woop
Sounds Good!
will be there like… like… fat kids to cookies
(I apologise for that nasty joke. I just couldn’t think of anything)


Dam it! Why does this NUTS look like its going to be wicked and I can’t come? :frowning:

If it’s any consolation I can’t make it either.

Having said that, the last NUTS was definitely the grooviest yet!

Sure was!

It is a shame you girls wont be able to make it. You will have to save all your loving, I mean riding, for BUC :slight_smile:


Just a reminder that NUTS is this weekend!

PM me if you want a contact number incase your going to be late etc.


Oh deary deary deary dear
I didn’t realise that trains are so expensive!
The cheapest I can find it for is about £50 which is ridiculous (it’s only about an hour or two on the train)

Is anyone possibly travelling by car between Sheffield and Newcastle possibly maybe by any chance? or i might have to save my money for the BUC…

Leave the train out of it for Sheffield to Newcastle. National Express will totally rip you off. You could get the 5.30am Northern Rail service out of Sheffield on the Saturday and change and Doncaster for the bargain price of £9.50, but you’ll not get back that way - there’s no way you’ll get Newcastle TO Sheffield for under £45 at any time, ever.

You’d be better off using the Megabus service which uses the Meadowhall Interchange. Leave Sheffield Friday evening at 8pm, arrive in Newcastle at 11.10pm for £11.50.
Going back is a pain because there’s no journeys to Sheffield between ~12pm on Sunday and 1am on Monday. If you don’t mind the late-night travel then it’s similarly £11-£15 depending when you go.

Yeah, seems like alot of people are saving for BUC, which is a shame but Im sure we will have great NUTS anyways, plus plenty of people at BUC :slight_smile:

I hope you can make it. Feel free to arrive and or depart as you like. I have no plans on friday night, or sunday either, so you can stay as long as you need.



hey, that’s some mean internet searching Matt, thanks! Next NUTS I’ll deff make sure I’ll get tickets straight away and look at some more… flexible travelling arrangements.


It makes me really angry at how awful this countries public transport system is. It’s crushingly expensive and poor! Not just nationally but locally as well (at least where I live). It’s hypocritical that the government is trying to encourage us to get our of our cars and onto public transport to cut our carbon emissions when it’s so much cheaper to use cars and so much easier. It’s just wrong that it should be run as a business where we have to pay extortionate fairs to essentially make money for the bosses of what should be a public service. :angry: :angry: :angry:


Think I’m gonna save my money this time. Thanks for the offer tho Joe!
Have to see everyone at BUC. Can’t wait! who’s goin this year

Without wanting to threadjack into a condemnation of UK public transport, I just want to say that I feel your pain Andy I really do. Carbon footprints aside, car ownership is often the the cheapest way to get around in this country, especially if it’s split between couples. My GF has a car that she kindly shares with me. The annual cost of running it including tax, insurance and 20 litres of petrol every other week is under £1200 per year. By contrast 2 local bus passes was £1352 per year for 2007 (when I last bought them), the same tickets will now cost £1560 (although they’re now a good deal cheaper if you can afford to fork out for the whole year up front). Plus with the car, you go where you want when you want, and there’s no arguments about whether you’re allowed to carry your unicycle on with you. A weekend at my brother’s place in Harrogate last week cost about an extra 10 litres of petrol (at 88.9p per litre) split between 2 people. The same journey on the train would have cost just short of £100.

As for the Mega Bus, I’ve not used it myself, but my folks constantly flit to and from London on it for a few quid each. It takes all day, but if you book a couple of weeks in advance it can cost less per person to make a 600 mile round trip than it does for me to get a one-way ticket into work.

i just love how many replied and only 4 of us were there :smiley:

haha I know. Nevermind, I had a great weekend dispite not coming prepared with a spare seatpost!!

Roll on BUC, and hopefully another NUTS sometime soon :slight_smile: