Many people have approached me lately about the best nutrition for their peak
performance. I try to answer as many as I can, but have resorted to this blanket
posting… Any of these products can be purchased on my site at

Top Shaklee picks Shaklee Soy Protein - very rich in protein and all the stuff
is good for, also makes a great mixing agent for things like pancakes, etc.

Vita-Lea - fancy word for multivitamin, but one of the best and purest
combinations you will find out there…

DTX - Really a cleansing agent to be used every couple of months, has milk
thistle, which has a big following in the alternative medicince, proported as
great for the liver… some of my alcoholic friends swear by it… :slight_smile:

Optiflora - You’ve heard of Actimel by Dannon… really a probiotic drink
formulated to bring healthy bacteria to your GI tract… Optiflora also includes
the prebiotic nutrition for the bacteria and is encased to guarantee passage
through stomach acid…

Acuity Plus - Gingko extract and a bunch of other things to promote better
mental awareness

CorEnergy - basically a mixture of green tea and ginseng… many people say it
increases energy, I myself have not noticed, although I don’t have much low
energy problems

Echinacea and vitamin C - great for boosting the immune system, the echinacea
is amazing!

Vita E plus - great for the skin and also includes grapeseed extract, which has
been found to be a powerful antioxidant!

They also have a endurance drink called Performance and Physique that are a lot
like Endurox and Ctyomax. Mainly their products are superior and very pure.