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I’m just another newbie saying hi ! Been ‘trying’ to learn how to ride a uni for about a month now. Coming along slowy but surely. I figure I’m up to about a level 0.5 now with some rides in the 30 meter range. Took a BAD header yesterday though and my shoulder’s *#$!ed up. I’ll probably be OK in a couple of days and back at it. It sure is lots of fun in general. I’m learning to ride for two reasons.

  1. to add something new to my fitness regimen (I ride road bikes, a lot) and
  2. to prove that an old dog can learn new tricks (49 y.o.)

Been enjoying reading this forum for the past coupla weeks. And look forward to participating in some discussions.


i guess i’ll be the first to welcome you.


i imagine there are lots of us here who are converted biking enthusists - mountain or road. i was. emphasis on the word ‘was’ . now all my old mountainbike buddies are now just acquaintances. i now have muni and coker buddies only. it’s amazing how fast unicycling can take over your life.


Welcome to our world.
I used to road bike a lot. Now I’m into road uni. It’s a lot more excercise for the same distance. I just did 21.6 miles yesterday WOOT!


Thanks for the welcomes! Over 20 miles. Very cool. Something to aspire to. :sunglasses:

welcome dude, you’ll find tons of info about learning to uni if you search for it. glad to have u part of the forum


and a hearty welcome from me too.

I too was raised a road biker. Ever since I was in elementary school I have been riding century rides and beyond for speed.

You may think it is sad but I have only ridden my bike three times since I first got my uni in December. I don’t miss it.
The uni will open up new worlds. With the bike you can get bored with the same old routine all the time. With the Uni there are always new skills to learn. Progress seems slow at first but then takes off. I’ve been at it less than 4 months and I’m already working on wheel walking and mastering one foot riding. Forward, backwards, idle, basic hopping, one foot idle, and one foot idle foot out are all things of the past.
Always something new and exciting.


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Yeah welcome ‘underdog’. We’re in the same age bracket - or maybe not,
I’m 50. Learned at 47.

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Hang in there. It gets much easier after a few weeks. I started one year ago, after I turned 50.

I can’t help but think that the bicyclists who take up uni are in much better physical shape when they start with uni. My first couple of weeks was mostly muscle conditioning because of the strain on my legs. I was not a bicyclist. As you get more comfortable with the balancing, you learn to relax and it literally becomes just a matter of sitting on the seat and turning the wheel.

After one year, I am not breaking any records when it comes to riding. I can ride backwards and I am learning to idle. My longest distance so far is 4 miles. I am also up to 4 unicycles.

Make sure you have a comfortable seat. That seems especially important for someone our age. <G>

Have fun.

Thanks for all the ‘welcomes.’ I look forward to being part of the uni community. I especially appreciate the replies from the couple of you close to my age. It gives me encouragement knowing that it’s very possible to learn to ride at my age. See you all on some other threads.


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On Sun, 18 Apr 2004 12:17:12 -0500, “underdog” wrote:

>I look forward to being part of the uni

You are already!

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