Nut buster seat

I don’t mean to sound vulgar, but my new KH seat for my 20" freestyle uni is a killer! I cant roll-mont it without holding my friends up before sitting down! Same (Worse) happened with my 36" Coker. I have the same seat on it, and when i go to rollmount it i sit on my friends…I am getting sick and tired of this, is there anything that could help? @______o

Technique. Technique and tight underpants. :smiley:

I was thinking about this today actually. I used to have to adjust very carefully before sitting down on my uni, but now it’s no problem. I can also miss a jump mount and land hard on the seat without any nasty repercussions only males are prone to.

I’m not entirely sure how I manage this, although it seems to be one of two things: I either pull the seat forwards as I’m sitting down on it to get everything out of the way, or I land mainly on the back of the seat (this applies moreso to jump mounting the unicycle) and then roll forwards.

In addition, if I don’t manage to get it right the first try, it’s become second nature to stand up on the pedals and pull the seat forwards while simultaneously sitting on the back part of the seat.

it drove me nuts (heh. heh.) for the first few weeks, but after a while it became a non issue, especially when I mastered the stand-up and move your bits bit.

Good luck!

Hmmm…Pulling the seat forward, i HAVE done this, but when i start riding it didn’t seem like it was a good clean mount, it seemed too choppy or uneven. I normally wear baggy pants, i don’t think i would ever wear peg-leg pants on a unicycle @___o But it is QUITE painfull if i miss.

You don’t know any other ways to help? This is SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves.

Pulling the seat forward also takes up too much time. I don’t think you or anybody else thinks this, but also when i jump up or down off of something, like the back of a truck tailgate, I sit up and when i sit back down…yeah…I don’t want to get into TOO much detail…

I know that, over the years, it has become the norm to wear boxers, but try venturing back to your younger days. That is, your pre-boxer days. Underwear help a great deal by holding your buddies in place as you move around. Who knows, you might even like them. When I first started unicycling I found it painful and awkward to mount, so I tried wearing underwear and it helped a lot. Now I don’t even wear undergarments! I am in no way saying that you are a beginner, your ability to hop up to a tailgate speaks for itself.

I apreciate that greatly, thank you. But the thing is, I do wear boxer-briefs @____o I just find sliding the seat forward a small waste of time.

When i go to jump off of the tailgate of a truck, I sit up off of the seat, thus bringing my buddies off of the seat. So when i sit down after landing ::Crunch:: There go my children. When i go to land, it’s a little hard to move the seat back, or move myself forward, then slide the seat forward.

I just got back from trying this, and it still seems like it’s taking too long.

I did fine with my old Viscount seat, but the problem with that seat was it was painfull to grab because it was shredded from learning to ride with it. But the problem with my new KH seat is mounting it and moving my kids out of the way…yeah…

I forgot to piont out that boxers and briefs make no diferencr to me. I have tried both and they are the same.

If your old seat was fine, have you thought about just buying another one of those? :smiley:

Also, the KH seat is very tall. Did you adjust your seat height? That might have something to do with it.

I used to have a Velo seat, which is pretty similar to the KH in design, and I got rid of it for the same reason. The padding was so deep and spongey that my Jacobs used to float to the top as I rode along.

Try a Viscount or a Miyata saddle. Wear Lycra padded shorts with no underwear, and a pair of cycling longs over the top of those.

try wearing cycling shorts…they help quite a bit.

just what I was gonna say. I love bikeshorts.

Some people like airseats. I’m not one of them, but you might be.

I wear boxer shorts and can roll mount (and jump mount) without landing on my balls, also my seat is less padded than the Kris Holm.

Improve your technique I’d say. Make sure you land with your feet firmly placed on the pedals before you sit down. And when you do sit down on the seat, shift your weight from pedals–>seat gradually.

I can relate to your problem when I mount into wheel walk though!

I think boxers vs. TIGHT breifs makes a big difference. Bike shorets are the best way to go though.

dont worry about your nuts; people breed too much, and by riding your unicycle in boxers, you can do your part to fight overpopulation :smiley:

I think i just might get a Miyata seat. In the mean while, i’ll go buy some duckt tape, rubber tubing, and two pounds of salt to fix my old seat…NNot that the salt had anything to do with it…

it seemed that when I started I couldn’t sit on it without being in pain, but it seems that the juevos have learned to stay out of the way of the seat, I thought it was pretty weird.

You have three choices. Ride only when it is very cold, get some tight stretchy bicycling shorts, or try a suspensory. The bicycle shorts will pretty much solve the problem.

I have Miyata-based airseats on my coker and muni, and a standard KH on my trials uni. The KH is MUCH more of a “buddy crusher” than either of the airseats. With the KH, I always need to make some sort of adjustment before really putting my weight on the seat. With my other two rides, not an issue. All other factors the same…I wear the same cycling shorts regardless of what uni I’m on.

Go to the hardware store and buy yourself a cheap roll of duct tape - Wider the better.
Then wrap “the boys” in place…and your set ! :smiley:

With a rolling mount, you sort of get on a bit sideways first

Then Miyata it is. Like i said, i’ll try to bring my old seat back to life while I try and find a Miyata seat. :smiley:

Re: Nut buster seat

There is a differnce in seats, but there is also a difference in
individuals. If I ride wearing boxer shorts I usually end up being
sore and sorry, but my brother has no problem. It seems he is blessed
with rather tight testicles no matter how hot the weather is. So, if
you have a problem in this area don’t be too quick to blame it all on
your seat or your technique, etc. Best solution I’ve found is to ditch
the boxer shorts and get a support garment with a pouch which puts cloth
between your thighs and your boys.