NUR/FS: Trials bike

Just figured I’d throw this up here in case anyone is looking for a top of the line, competition ready mod trials bike. Price is negotiable for unicyclists.

Sick bike!! :sunglasses: Just out of Curiosity, how much does it weigh?

Somewhere between 5 and 50 pounds I’m guessing.

I really don’t know. I would venture a guess at around 21-23lbs.

damn. $950+shipping. good deal but i can’t drop that much on a bike of any sort right now.

would a trade, (+money) be at all possible


ill trade for my monty 219?

If you are talking about your trials uni, I’ve got one. And I pretty much need the money I think.


i wish i had money for it…its a sweet lookin unit

I’d buy it, but it seems to be missing a seat.

my buddy is a mad trials ride, he rides with a stock, with a zoo frame and other components i forget bout, but its a mad ride and he rides with the top riders of Victoria (australia)

so i will ask him if he or one of his mates is interested in it !!

how much would it cost to ship it over to aus??

i am guessing that was a joke, trials bikes dont have seats!! and if they do, they r mini, that arent good for sitting on neways

you can get trials bike with seats like mine a brand new 2006 monty 219 alp it came with a seat but i took it off. …Tony…

whats his name? i went for a ride with some biketrials guys a couple of weeks ago. he could have been one of them.

nah max, it wasnt my mate, me and my mate always ride togetha and do trials rides on numerous occasions (considering he lives up the road) and if he went on the ride he would have told me about it for sure!!

but what were the names of the guys u went riding with, he might know them!!

Please use PM’s or something.