Numen 2008?

Hey all,

Life has been busy since last August, and I have to appologize for not keeping you all up to date with NUMEN.

Last years event was a blast. I did not know jack (nor do I pretend to now), it was you all that made it as fun as it was. For those of you that could not attend, check some of these links out:

So, what about this year? I do not have the time to trek to Killington. However, there is a great cycling event in western NY (not too far from where I live) called Raccon Rally. It is set in gorgeous Allegheny State Park (plenty of camping, cabins etcc… casino nearby if your into that kind of thing ;). I am thinking maybe a cookout jam on Saturday night??

There would be the NUMEN event on Saturday. And on Sunday there would be trials competition at the same location as the biketrials (check out the wicked natural rocks!: )

I think that the entry fee would cover both NUMEN and trials comp. I am looking into that.

So a few questions to you all:

  1. Who wants to do it (again, for some)?
  2. Of those who attended last year, how can we streamline rules so that it does not go on quite so long (or else no one will have energy for the trials comp the next day!).
  3. Brian McKenzie, if you car is feeling up to it…this event would only be like three hours away from Toronto (that is where you live?).

Last year I announced the event like in mid May, and we got a few riders out. I am thinking that hopefully we can top 30 or 40??? Tall order, but this is a fantastic location and not too epic drive from New England, Midwest/Michigan and mid Atlantic region.

PS, I did not take the video or pics. I quickly scanned around and grabbed links and a pic by Brian… don’t sue me, I do not remember who belongs to what;)

It is cold here in Buffalo and my brain cells are freezing (that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking too it).

Forgot to metion date for this years NUMEN. NUMEN comp would be Saturday June 28th and trials comp would be Sunday June 29th.

Thanks to whoever PM’d me asking about date!

Tim! What ever happened to you? Are you still running trialsin or what? I find the new site seriously lacking in the uni dept.

I no longer run After 12 years in trials retail, it was time to move on. I do still import and distribute some biketrials stuff, but no direct sales. I am working on a UNI project, but I can’t say anything else (lest Homeland Security wisk me away!..ha, ha, ha).

The NUMEN 2007 was so much fun, I really didn’t want to let it go.

That’s disappointing, but good luck on your project! I wonder what it is. Why so many secrets lately? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have loved to have been able to come again this year but the new location is over 9 hours away from where I’ll be so its not looking too promising. I do recommend to whoever can make it to check out this event, it was a blast last summer.

I will probably attend again. I’m not particularly fond of this new location…but it is still under 4 hours for me. It was a lot of fun last year though.

P.S. Thanks for putting my video on top :wink:

What is a NUMEN competition? :thinking: Beside the actual NUMEN comp and trials comp, what else happens during the weekend? Muni rides? other?

I’ll have to check with Jamie, but I’d love to go out for that, even if it is a haul. No promises though, since we’re going to be travelling around the nation visiting family with our baby, but hopefully we can make it.

Tip #1 for it going faster: I won’t compete :wink:

If I can find someone to travel with I’ll be there. I just don’t want to drive alone for nine hours.

NUMEN is a record setting skills comp. Gap, up to pedal, up to rubber, bunnyhop, balance beam etc… . Do a search in the forums and you will find conversations and rules from last years event.

As I said before, it looks like NUMEN will be in the afternoon on Saturday. I am trying to organized a cook out during/after. What ever you guys want to organize for group rides is cool. There is TONS of XC, and a few miles away from NUMEN are the wicked rocks where the Trial will be on Sunday.

Speaking of trials. I will need someone to set sections and know the rules for UNI trial. If we can use biketrial sections that would be cool, but I would like to have someone proficient at UNI make that call.

The most amazing thing about last year was how much bigger everyone went than they expected. The increments of height/distance change were too small, this is where things slowed down. Heck, 70+" gaps! Just about 30" bunny hops. That was my learning curve, and so this year the increments of moving the height/distance will definatly be bigger.

Nick congrats to you and Jamie! You guys were helpful beyond words last year… really hope you can stop by this year.

What happened to the picture in the first post? I did not take it (and definalty made it clear I did not want to take credit for it)…but it was way cool I thought. So, here is another from the gap comp…look at the distance…pretty sweet!


The original picture seems to be working fine for me Tim and I’m totally okay with you using it. Heres a few more I got (Nick Wilson actually snapped the last one using my camera to be fair)

Teddy (as it began to rain):

Bryan Stevens (and Tim in the background):

Kaycee Stevens:

I’m actually pretty sure that I’m going to make it to this event. I’ll probably be meeting up with Jason and do some muni a day or two prior and then we will head over. Sam (AgentQ) might also be making it though I’ll let him speak for that.

Oh no, I just realized that this is just a week after NAUCC. If for some reason I don’t make it to NAUCC I’ll be there - otherwise I’m not quite sure yet.

Hey, I would definitely be down for a comp. Is there a set date right now or are things still up in the air?

From Tim-“I am putting on NUMEN 2008 in Western NY in June.”

I hope it is the 14th weekend or the 28th weekend, so I am free.

June is a really busy month for me as far as uni events go. I wish I could make it to them all but I’ll have to start deciding which ones I’ll make it to.

Road Trip to NUMEN? :slight_smile:

Road trip to NAUCC. We can hit NUMEN on the way back!

Haha uhh - MAYBE, I still don’t know about that.