NUMEN 2007 Uni Trials Photographs

Hey guys, I uploaded most of the pictures from this event over at this link: if you want to see them larger you have the hover the mouse over them, click the “I” then go to view picture and then all sizes. If anyone wants a super high resolution version of any of them for a desktop background or something let me know.

Hey Brian the photos look great!

Thanks. Oh and Teddy, you make some of the most epic faces when you are jumping. It’s awesome.

Man that looked like alot of fun.

Yeah it was awesome, thanks to Tim from

hahaha tim

really cool!

nice pictures, I like IMG_5711, the failed sidehop look funny.

Haha yeah I liked that one a lot too, it was a failed pedal grab, he hopped really high and couldn’t quite recover from it, he struggled a bit like that for a few seconds. He did however land it on a subsequent try.

Brian, lots of really good photos:D

Those pallets were real high, Ill tell ya that.

That and they seemed hardly ideal for pedal grabs, the surface you were grabbing on was several inches further away than the outside of the box.