Number one absolute best and only way to practice dismounts.

So a while ago I posted a thread about wanting to dismount with grace and dignity.

Today I mastered it.

So, fellow newbies with not alot of guts. If you want to learn how to stop pedaling, idle, or dismount easily, this is how you do it. Find some stairs going downhill and pedal towards them with intention. You’ll find your stopping on a dime power gets alot easier.

Stairs-45 - Cloudz-0. My goal was to go down them. But I kept freezing after the first or second, dismounting, and/or chickening out.

Let’s hear it for mediocrity!!!


Did you dismount off the front or the back of the uni!?!? :sunglasses:

Front, back, AND side. And you know how people can do a “kick up” mount? Well I can do a “kick down” dismount.

I am pro at dismounting :roll_eyes:

Lol, just came up with this.
I guess this is what happens when you like to play the game “dictionary”

Noun; An expert of unicycle dismounting characterized by extreme amounts stubbornness, pain tolerance and sheer will power.

That’s going to be my new sig.

A couple of days ago I revisited ‘the stairs of death’ - the stairs that caused me so much pain (messed up my cocyx real bad) that I can’t ride (some) stairs anymore. :frowning:

It’s true though. I bonked the unicycle with my right ankle, it skidded sideways but still fell to the right. When everything stopped, I was standing one foot on, one foot off.

Talent. :sunglasses:

Great idea!:slight_smile:
But I’d be too chicken to try it :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:
On one of my usual rides I happen across a gate. I always tell myself now is the time to dismount gracefully. Do I ? Do I heck as like:D

I just don’t get it, I can dismount ever soh gracefully off my 24” ( You tube vid to prove it) But no way jose on the 26". :frowning: I think I am intimidated by the increase in height cos I’m only a short person .

oh well, plod on…

Make sure and let us know when you’ve mastered it.

I want to learn to get off the back nicely. Yeaterday I got on, rode a few feet, came to a complete stop and then just sat there for a bit not knowing what to do next. As usual, I then got off the front. :roll_eyes:

Try lifting your chin. In a recoiling “no way am I going down those hellish monster 5” steps" manner… Should toss you backwards gently enough that that’s the way you’ll roll/fall/dismount.

We should have a newbie “winning” thread. No four foot drop achievements allowed.

IE: “Today I put my hand in my pocket, got a kleenex, wiped my nose, put it back in my pocket, and didn’t fall off” It did happen for the first time. I fell off when I tried to zip up the pocket though…

LOL @ Cloudz :slight_smile:

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt :slight_smile: I too fell off when I attempted to zip up. I have managed to undo the velcro on my KH glove and lift up wrapping to look at my watch, and put back neatly. All at a steady 4mph ( or there abouts)

Gonna try lifting my chins up. :slight_smile: