Number of splines?

I was just wondering if the amount of splines a hub has is related to strength (more splines=stronger hub). It makes sense, but an old 8 splined KH hub without cranks costs only a few dollars less than a Qu-Ax with cranks. Are you just paying for the name with the KH, or is it actualy better? Those are the only 2 that go out of order like that, all the rest go most splines=most expensive. Any help would be great. Thanks!

I don’t think it’s as simple as more splines make a stronger hub. I think the dimensions of the splines play a part as well as the tolerances used when manufacturing them. This is not to say that either of those crank/hub brands are better.

i think it would be pretty hard to break/tweak either of those axels. I bet you would bend the cranks first.

Not that I know.

Here is a thread that discusses splined hubs: splined hub and cranks

There is more to the strength and reliability of a hub than just counting the number of splines. More splines makes for good marketing hype but does not necessarily translate into a stronger or more reliable hub and cranks. There is more to a hub and cranks than just the number of splines.

i have the old kh hub and i have found nothing rong with it apart from the fact that it is really heavyif you are getting a new hub you need to think about number of holes in the hub and your rim