NUM and Unicon

Is anyone writing up something on the NUM and the World Unicon? I’ve never been
to one of these and would like to hear what goes on.

By the way… a few months ago I asked how to learn to ride one footed. Well,
last week I finally managed 10 meters! It helps to keep your back real straight
and keep trying. I had 2 weeks off from work and really worked on it. I only did
the 10 meters once but it’s getting there.

Also last night I finally managed to mount my 6 foot without help! I used the
foot on peddle method. I had tried the foot on wheel for a long time but never
got it. So I decided to try the foot on the peddle and found it got me closer to
my goal. YES! It feels good!

I got the Skill Levels Demonstrated tape and could not tell what a spin was.
(from level 6 - backspin frontspin and spin) What is a spin? It looks like their
are just turning. I’m not sure what should be happening.

– Dirk Iwema Cincinnati, Ohio USA Internet: