NUC videos

NUC 99 video customers,

Where is the video you are wondering? I asked NUC host Alan Tepper the other
day, and he let me know that the folks from VidCom are concerned with putting
out a quality product. He told me the video was just completed Friday, and he
will be viewing it over the weekend for final approval. Depending on finishing
touches, they are expected to be arriving fairly soon. Another professional
video to add to our small commercial unicycling video libraries!

There are two videos available from NUC 99, which was one of the very best I’ve
ever attended. The Public Show video probably includes the Jr. Expert and Expert
Pairs Freestyle competitions, as well as the “unicycle pizza cutter”, and Lars
Lottrup’s gut-bustingly funny balloon act. The other video should contain
highlights of the entire convention. Get the details here:

Stay on top, John Foss President, Unicycling Society of America Director,
International Unicycling Federation (reply to