NUC Muni

Everyone going to the NUC, I just bought tickets to the NUC (finally). This year
I won’t be competing in anything. I’m just gonna MUNI! I will be there Saturday,
Sunday, and Monday, and I will try to lead a couple rides each day. The famous
Mount Wilson climb (5000 vertical feet) will definitely be on the schedule.
Also, we’ll practice in Monrovia Canyon Park where the Muni race will be held.
If you’re new to Muniing, this is your chance to get some good free instruction.
Riders such as John Foss, and Andy Cotter (with their Carbon Fiber unis) will,
I’m sure, join on us on some rides and provide free expert advice. So don’t
foget your MUni if your coming to Nationals!

Brett Bymaster, Big Bad Munier NUC:

PS, If anyone wants to pick me up at the airport on Friday night, let me know.