NUC Minutes

Here are the minutes from the membership meeting at the recent National Unicycle
Convention. They are relatively brief, as the meeting lasted only 30 minutes as
opposed to the typical 2 hours.

Unicycling Society of America Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting July 28,
1995 - Bowling Green, Ohio

The meeting convened at 10:55 PM.

Minutes from the 1994 annual meeting were approved without modification by
voice vote.

Carol Brichford presented the treasurer’s report. With a beginning balance of
$5,101.61, income for the year was $10,978.24, while expenses totaled $8,724.22
As of July 28, 1995, the Society has a balance of $7,354.63 in its account.

Carol also presented a report prepared by Thora Gilligan, Merchandise Manager.
The merchandise account began the year with balance of $749.47. Income for the
year was $889.59, while expenses were $1,232.72. The merchandise account has a
current balance of $406.34.

USA Historian Charlotte Fox Rogers presented her yearly report. The five page
report is available from Charlotte upon request.

USA Vice-President Andy Cotter updated those present on the status of the USA
Competition Rulebook. Andy will accept volunteers to work on the rulebook
committee. Once completed, it will be printed and made available for sale.

Andy also recommended that the USA Membership Roster be increased in price and
be made available to USA members once a year for $5.00 (more recent updates will
be available to officers on an as-needed basis). The recommendation was approved
by the members present.

Andy proposed that Affiliate Club membership dues be increased to $20.00
(membership would include a copy of the roster) Voting members present

Vicky Edwards reported that the Chariton Unicyclists will host the 1996 National
Unicycle Convention in Chariton, Iowa during the last week-end in July.

Since the Unicycling Society of America is not a United States organization,
Miles Rogers suggested that consideration be given to holding a future NUC
outside of the country. He noted that unicyclists in the Toronto, Ontario,
Canada have expressed interest in hosting a convention in the future. Members
present agreed that it would be both appropriate and desirable to hold a meet
outside of the United States.

Election of USA officers: Nelda Davis was elected as the new Secretary,
replacing Steve Cernkovich who expressed his desire to step down. Ken Fuchs also
received votes. Carol Brichford was reelected Treasurer by acclamation. Thora
Gilligan will continue as Manager of Logistics and Materials . Andy Cotter was
reelected as Vice-President by acclamation. Rick Anderson was elected as the new
President of the Unicycling Society of America, replacing Miles Rogers. Miles
also received votes. Constance Cotter was reelected as Editor of On One Wheel by
acclamation. Nick Messamer was elected to a three year term as USA Director,
replacing Tom Miller, whose term has expired. Miles Rogers also received votes.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 PM.

Respectively Submitted,

Steve Cernkovich Secretary, Unicycling Society of America

Stephen A. Cernkovich / Bowling Green State University Department of Sociology /
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 Office Phone:419-372-2743 / Home Phone:419-352-3933
FAX:419-372-8306 /

Stephen A. Cernkovich / Bowling Green State University Department of Sociology /
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 Office Phone: 419-372-2743 / Home Phone: 419-352-3933
FAX: 419-372-8306 / Internet: