NUC Freestyle Competition

Hi all,

My son Ben (11) is interested in performing in the standard skills and
freestyle competition at next summer’s convention. Problem is, we’ve not
attended an NUC before and have no idea what to expect, how to plan, or
how to put together and practice a routine. One thought I have is to
obtain an NUC video but here are some questions:

  1. Do they show enough of the events for us to get a good idea of how
    events are run?
  2. Do they show enough for us to gather ideas on how to put together
    a routine?
  3. Which video do you think would be the best to accomplish 1) and 2)?

I’ve read through the rulebook and have a general idea of how it works but
input from experience on how to proceed would be very helpful, i.e.,
equipment, music, props, or whatever else you can think of. Ben is a skill
level 4 headed for 5.

Thanks, Bruce