NUC 99

I hope that I have answered a few questions and given everyone the correct
information. I will be happy to answer any others. If I don’t know the answer I
will find it out. There will be no Renegade at this NUC. We are sorry for any
problems this may have caused.

An updated schedule will be in every registration packet along with alot of
other fun and useful items.

Please be sure to visit our Hospitality Table during NUC. USA items will be
available, along with several different t-shirts for sale. Concessions will be
open as marked on the schedules. Various vendors will be on site. We are having
a raffle of a 20 inch Miyata, a 36 inch Coker and alot of other fun things. $1 a
ticket, available at the merchandise table near the concession stands.

Barb K.