Nuc 2003?

I’ve searched this forum, looked at but…
Where I don’t mind, but WHEN will the nationals be…?

July 30 - August 5, 2003 in the Twin Cities, MN

Hey Gilby, do you know when the registration forms will be available?



Next week.

Really? Great! I really need to register with the USA. Oh, that brings up something else I’ve been wondering about-

If I come to the convention, my mom will bring me. I’m still not sure if I’ll compete, but I’ll definitely bring my unicycles. I’ll need to register with the USA to be a non-competitor, but would I need to get the family deal so that my mom is a member of the USA as well? She won’t be riding a unicycle at all. :slight_smile:


Sign up as a competitor and compete in ANYTHING you think you can do. You’ll love it. Trust me. I was thinking the same thing as you when I went for the first time last year. I could one-foot ride the required distance so I entered that. I also entered the 10k. This year I will probably be able to wheel walk the required distance and I’ll enter that. I had a ball last year and I’ll enter more events this year. You will love it. You will get nothing but support from everyone there. Sign up as a competitor, you won’t regret it.

Thanks! Maybe I will. I was thinking I’d do the downhill Muni race but I guess there may not be a place to have Muni races this year?

And I’m still wondering- does my mom have to be a member of the USA to bring me?


If the registration system works the same as last year, your mom will not be required to be a USA member. I believe that just applies to people who will be unicycling at the convention, though it could be extended to apply to people who will be in the riding and competition venues.

The USA is going to a completely new insurance product this year, costing more than 10 x what we’ve had in the past. So the requirements may change based on that, but this information may not be available for a while. I’d say you are safe to sign yourself up now, but if you don’t mind the extra $5, your whole family can be members as well.

there will be Muni races, but we might not be able to find a good dedicated DH race. There will also be daily fun rides.

…and a gym, opened 24h. ???


Remember, there has only been a dedicated DH race once, in Toronto in 2001. Last summer’s race was a downhill/cross country mix. This was due to the lack of a good cross country course without too much uphill in it.

Hard uphill sections in a relatively short mass-start MUni race will cause problems. If people can walk faster than they can ride it, they’re going to walk. They will also run, if there aren’t officials there to enforce the rules. This was what happened in China.

I know the Twin Cities area is not as flat as people probably think, and I look forward to seeing what you’re able to arrange for your MUni events!

yes, well do our best.

On the 24 hours of gym, I think we might hit 14 a day.

Oh, I don’t mind if it’s not downhill. I just figured that would be easier since I’m not in tip-top shape. :slight_smile: But as long as the whole thing’s not UPhill, it’ll be ok.

Sounds like a lot of fun! But I’m really not positive that I can go. Money’s a little tight, the car’s dying, you know. Hopefully it’ll work out! :frowning: And since Minneapolis is a 14-hour drive, a dying car isn’t too good. :slight_smile:



how is the 2001 NUC - TORONTO CANADA canada video?

Im looking to start collecting unicycling videos.

any body know?

thx alot,