Ntappin's late spring video.

Just finished editing my spring video, a buch of trials and stairs. I spent a long time editing the video but its still not perfect I just got sick of looking at old clips. I will post another video l8er once I get riding again.

anyways here is the link

Hope some people enjoy it!

This one did.

I liked the foot-on-leg one-footed.

Also the extended rock sequence in the beginning… that’s to your weak side, right?

file too big :frowning:

hey, anyone care to keeping filesizes under say 20MB for these videos? i’d love to watch a number of these but by the time they are downloaded on my “broadband connection” i find myself dissapointed (too long to download and not as good as i would expect a video of this size to be). for riders like xavier, shaun, dan heaton, etc i am willing to wait because i know i wont be dissapointed but i dont know what to expect from your videos (and other not so well known riders)

sorry, i haven’t watched your video for this reason.

I actualy made a whole bunch of different qualities of videos I just didn’t like sacrificing more quality, I will post another smaller one later tonight.

Could you post the video in WMV format for me:? I cant view it but i can here it…I really wanna see it…

i cant view anything on here that isnt WMV it sucks.

hah thanks Amanda, that is a great compliment comming from you. This video is showcasing more my drops and hops, in my skatepark video I hope to put some more freestyle and street moves into it.

its taking me like an hour… ive given up. smaller file please.


ntappin. its been a while man. nice video! youre skills are growing!

here is a link to the smaller sized video http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=201454

Thanks Chosen it makes me happy to hear such nice things from the pros.

is it divx? divx is gay it shuts down my internet

good vid

lol @ “ahhh you landed it”
(what a sexy voice)

yay for smaller filesizes

thanks you, now i can watch