NSW riders wanted!

Hey all. im after finding out who is in nsw wales and what sort of riding you do so we can organise a big ride together. not shore when or where yet. it would be really good for all us riders to ride together.

cheers josh

qu-ax 20 trials/street :sunglasses:

I’m moving to Coffs Harbour in April.

Ride MUni and Road.


I’m in Wyee, just minutes away from the Ourimbah MTB trails on weekends.

During the week, I’m in Manly, not far from the Manly Dam circuit.

I’ve been taking my 20" out to see if I like MUni enough to buy a 24".

I live in Toronto Lake Macquarie NSW. I’ll be in it. Normally I now on myspace.com with some of my new mates including Two Famous Celebs which is John Fogerty (CCR Fame) & Catherine Britt. I got Charlie at Charlestown so I might Contact him if he’s interested taking up the ride.
Hey dangerlaef, you live at Wyee and I live at Toronto we should meet one day to take up a ride with some of my other friends from myspace.com.

Well i live in Sydney and i sometimes do charity rides with my good friends who also have nice looking unicycles. Also I’ve known them 4 more than 10yrs now. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nowra Unicyclists

There are a few of us about in Nowra, bout 8 - mostly street for us but a ride would be good indeed!

hahahahahah tim when did you get into this website:)

i am OS at the moment but usually am in canberra. Ride distance, muni and a little trials/street. Would be interested for a Muni weekend if someone want to organise it- nothing too big, just some good trails and cold beers- maybe in the gong so we can sus out the Uninats muni course?

Me about 6 others of my friends are in Sydney.

I’m in Sydneys north west I prefer muni but could also be up for some distance.I’ve got nearly all of January off so if anyone is up for it I’m keen.:slight_smile:

I’m in Grafton, I might see you gizmoduck, I’m only 50mins- 1 hour away!