Now what?

I’ve been riding for 5 months now, I can jump curbs, ride sif, 180 onto curbs, go down stairs, and I’m learning how to ride backwards. Now what should I learn now? I want to learn street stuff like unispins and flip tricks, but I’m not ready yet. Any suggestions? :sunglasses:

Wheel walking, hop on wheel. I dunno 180 unnispins are super easy. Most people get them within a day. Riding backwards is quite important in street riding. maybe leg arounds. Watch some vids and pic out some stuff you want to learn. If you have any questions on tricks I and many others would be more than willing to help you.

The ultimate trick I wanna learn is that “wrap-around” thing that Dan Heaton invented. Watch the Defect trailer, he does it right after it says “Dan Heaton”. I also want to learn how to do some flip tricks. I dunno how to spin the cranks around while in the air. I thought that unispins were super hard. I guess its just having the guts to try em’.

Really your not gonna get hurt easy with a unispin. Start sif with the hand facing you and grab that and just push the seat with your other hand and twist with the one on the handle. Leg arounds are real easy. Just stand on your cranks take afoot off and wrap it around. Sounds like I explained it kinda half assed but really it’s easy.

u mean the tire grab body varial?

Oh those things. I didn’t watch the vid so I thought he ment a leg around:o

Yeah thats what i meant.

There is a few ways to do them. I do most mine by going sib placing a hand on the tyre a and just twisting my body till I reach the pedals/cranks so that I end up in sif. Another way is one that was posted a while ago and I find quite easy is going sif and bringing the seat out to the side and then putting your hand behind the fram and twisting. There are so many variations to this trick. But the one dan does is going sif putting a hand next to the fame towards you and then twisting and landing on the cranks/pedals.

I tried this really hard one where I loosened the seat clamp so it spun around freely I rode forwards then took my feet of the pedals and spun around. I landed it but riding away was pretty tricky.

hehe that sounds awsome^^:D

I’m thinking of buying a Torker DX, should I get a 20inch or a 24inch???

20" if your doing any street or trials. the 24" Is really only good for muni it’s cranks are too long for distance riding.

imagination? use yours and come up with something new