Now that's a grind!

Some skaters on a rail…


I mean seriously, wtf :expressionless:

Lol that is wicked are u sure its not editted because some bits just looks quite fake

it doesnt look fake…thats pretty cool though

why s this in rsu?

thats rediculous. roller blades must be easier to balance than other things

thats pretty flippin insane.
reminds me of back when I used to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater with the easy grind cheat code…

If those guys were really cool they’d throw at least 30 tricks in while grinding a rail that long.

Neat video, though. Kinda like a dream I had once… I was throwing massive airs out of a pool, floating in the air for minutes, throwing 9000 unispins and the like before landing softly :slight_smile:

oh, you saw my video?

I used to have similar dreams, which were so fun… floating down stairs, jumping off huge drops and floating down. This was before I started unicycling.

that was me
jk but i could grind that far

They’re good

that was sweet