Now that my balls are safe...

What do you gentlemen suggest for the conflagration happening b/t my legs? I am able to ride the uni for a while now but it feels like I have left my swim trunks on too long…will powder/lubricant of some sort alleviate the problem?

Also, I am trying to learn how to turn and there was this one guy’s website that had a lot of instructional videos to DL regarding beginner moves as well as advance. I searched the forums but couldn’t find it again–anyone know where it may be?

in reply to your leg chaffing (spelling?) it could possibly be your seat, some of the cheaper unicycle seats have the actual material that you sit on melted to the top, this leaves a seam around the sides that can prove very painfull if riding for long distances, look for this seam around the side of your seat. If youre just riding so much that your legs are getting torn apart anyways, try wearing bike shorts/pants they are more protected and comfortable, and pick up a tube of neosporin (spelling?) at wallgreens, it really can help if youre having pain :slight_smile: I hope I was able to help.

Ok thanks, will do.

P.S. Also was able to find the site i was looking for is Peter van Boekhout’s and my website. Maybe that was the one?


Re: Now that my balls are safe…

They are never safe…

For further assistance from the group, please tell us what kind of “swimming trunks” you are wearing, and what kind of seat you’re on. Also is your seat high, low, or the proper height as described in threads you can search on under “seat height”?

If you’re not sure on the seat type, look for similar ones on the stor sites like