Now famous unicyclist

My son sent this link to me. This footage was taken of me sometime recently. I know where it is on my route that they claim that there is a red light but I don’t think I ran it. They turned left at the intersection right after me so it obviously changed right at that time. I may have anticipated the light change, since I ride the route every day, and took off right at the change. It’s good being listed as “weird unicycle guy” in the credits. I wish the audio was better so I could hear what was being said. There is a curb cut I ride up on the other side of the intersection to ride along a long, straight curb, probably 100 yards or so.

Video of you

I’ve been filmed by so many random people exactly like this (with no upd). I have been waiting for this to happen. If this guy had searched “unicycle” on youtube first he may think twice about posting such low quality vid.

Still a good sign that you ride alot

It is important to never make riding look easy. It was smart of you to plan that UPD at the end to keep up the mystique.

Which is why i sometimes try to stack it on purpose, leaving a bruise and make fake hurting sounds. So that way, people look at me and don’t try to unicycle. :smiley:

Is the car going as fast as you or are you going as fast as the car? :thinking:
How fast is the car or yourself going?

I calculated the cadence from the first few seconds of the video by tapping out the cadence at a BPM calculator. Harper was pedaling at a cadence of approximately 119.46 RPM. That works out to a speed of approximately 12.3165 MPH.

That is a very good approximation to the actual recorded speed of 12.3164838472mph.

Woah! 12.3164838472 MPH. Now that is precise!

I am usually happy with one significant digit. :wink:

Actually more like 19.8214594 km/h.

By the way, this is the perfect opportunity to revive this thread, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

That’s too much precision. I just round up to the nearest 10, so I would call that 20mph.

Lol you said to revive another thread in that thread.

I’m a necromancer, you see. :wink:

That’s actually quite scary. I did a quick search and found that I’ve only used the word “revive” twice in this forum. I wonder if the third will refer to this thread?

I am very disappointed to discover that you do not wear the swimsuit when you ride.

I ALWAYS wear the swimsuit and ONLY wear the swimsuit when I ride. There was some air-brushing or photoshopping done to the video to make it more “family friendly” apparently. That may explain the poor resolution, too.

We agree. Us normal unicycle guys don’t want to be associated with the likes of you.

No, it’s just very accurate. You don’t know how precise it is. Could be 12.3164838472 ± 5 mph.

No, it is the opposite. It’s very precise. What we don’t know is how accurate it is.

The precision appears to be to 10 decimal places. I would say that this may be the most precise speed ever given for a unicycle in motion.

We don’t know how accurate it is. If the above figure was given by the most accurate speedometer known to man it would be one thing. However, it was given by someone watching a grainy clip on the internet and banging their keyboard in time, so the answer is probably not going to be accurate to 10 decimal places.


i was going 10.1256482564782654824157892546824568451548225554875698732165747854621578521878921657513548751 mph on my uni last time i rode it, before i broke it
now i’ve got the most precise speed ever recorded… :astonished:

drumstuck was paying attention in his physics class. I think he gets a gold star for that answer. :slight_smile:

Why is it that the elusive Harper looks so much like the extinct Newton?