Hey guys, here is my new video. I apologize for the shortness of it, but mid-way through, I injured my leg, badly.

My leg currently does not straighten out. I’m gonna see a doctor this week. And it’s looking like I’ll be in crutches for December-January. ’


I tore my hamstring in September I think …but not doing anything cool like unicycling. It really sucks, hopefully yours isn’t to bad. Really cool video though.

Yeah! you tell 'em T-Bit!

I’m not sure if it is my hamstring. My doctor thought it was at first, but when I showed him where the pain was, he thought it was weird. He said usually a hamstring is torn in the middle, the spot of my pain was right under my knee. He thinks I may have torn my calf muscle, but even then, he is unsure.

really nice vid
hope you recover soon;)

Cool, sidespin mount was nice, but it goes maybe 100 degrees before you jump. Still good, though. Nice trials lines with little/no hops. Hope you heal quick.

So how did you tear your hamstring/calf muscle?

That’s the thing!

Walked out of the orthodontist and nearly collapsed. I have no idea what happened.

sweet vid! pretty long still stand you had…sorry to hear about your leg

Cool, 3spin mount was nice/QUOTE]


Sweet vid. Recover fast, keep it up, then go land a 3spin!


Heck yes!

Wow, the stress must have just built up over time and all of a sudden your leg gave out. Sorry, but I lol’d when I read that. :o You shoulda gotten it on video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa, weird, I could have sworn it was on the side but yeah, it’s a 3spin. But still, good job, you’ll get them soon.

The worst part about the injury is that I’ve been a couch potato for the past 3 weeks. I haven’t been able to go outside, sled, uni, whatever.

Saw the doctor today. It isn’t a torn hamstring, or anything that she could see. The x-ray showed no trace of injury. But the doctor things I might have torn some cartilage. I’m going in January to get an MRI.